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That explains why approximately 100 local swimmers ages 6 to 18 can answer the question about how they spent their summer vacation with just three words: "in the pool."

"My goal (this school year) is to be the first girl from Rivera to go to state," she said. "When I first started swimming (at age 6) it was just for fun, but about a year ago I started taking it more seriously, and now I'm seeing that all my hard work is paying off."

"It's sometimes a struggle to wake up so early (to make it to summer workouts), but if it's something you love to do, then you do it," she added. "Being involved in a summer program like this is a huge benefit."

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"It means a lot to be here because I get to do something that I've done a long time," said Moreno, a standout in the 100 butterfly along with the 500 free. "I've gone far in swimming at a young age, and knowing how far I can go makes me realize that I can do a lot better when I'm older.

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even split of swimmers (from various area high schools), although there are probably a few more from Hanna and Los Fresnos. We even have some swimmers come down from Harlingen, so it's a mixture of all the schools."

Local team gives swimmers summer option

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The Lady Falcons are defending District 32 5A and Region VIII 5A champions, thanks to their standout showings last February at the Clark Center. Montoya was part of a 400 freestyle relay that barely missed qualifying for state, while teammate Andrea Moreno, a sophomore to be at Los Fresnos, Prada Sunglasses Aviator

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"I just feel that it's kind of an honor to have an opportunity like this to get better when other people might not know about this program," said Montoya, a Prada Bags Classic Collection

"The big thing is these kids get a little more time in the water (during the summer)," added Shea, a 1998 Rivera graduate. "The more time they spend in the water, the more endurance they're going to have and the better shape they're going to be in.

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Moreno is keeping up with her swimming this summer thanks to Brownsville Aquatics and is looking forward to the high school season starting in August.

went to state individually in the 500 free.

They are participants of the Brownsville Aquatics summer program, which enables area swimmers to keep up their training for competitions during the coming school year. Brownsville Aquatics is actually a year round program that, just like the local high schools, makes use of Margaret M. Clark Aquatic Center. Once the school year begins, the older swimmers in Brownsville Aquatics transition to their respective high schools.

"We try to keep Brownsville Aquatics going year round, mainly to keep the kids in shape (through the summer months)," said Ryan Shea, Rivera's swim coach who also heads up Brownsville Aquatics. "In swimming, if you miss out on like a month (of training), you pretty much have to start from scratch (when returning to the sport), and that's no fun.

There are even some swimmers who attend both daily sessions on a regular basis such as Gisela Montoya, a senior to be at Los Fresnos.

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past regional qualifier for the Lady Falcons whose main events are the 100 and 200 freestyle. "Maybe there are swimmers who are sitting at home (during the summer) when they could have the opportunity to be here and get better, or even just remain the same and then push to get better with their teams when school starts."

Expectations are again high for the Lady Falcons this school year, as well as the Los Fresnos boys, defending 32 5A champions who sent a 200 free relay squad to state last February.

Shea said at this time of the year, workouts at the Clark Center are held twice each weekday, except for Fridays when there is only a morning session. It's not all practice. The swimmers can opt to participate in a few summer meets as well. practice session. "It requires a little bit of dedication. For the ones who do come, it really shows up during the (high school) season because they've been willing to put in the work that's necessary (to do well)."

Brownsville Aquatics began about eight years ago and has more or less evolved from former city club programs such as the Blue Dolphins, Stingrays and Great Whites.

"This (summer program) gives me an opportunity to not slack off," said Stockton, a past regional qualifier in the 50 and 100 freestyles. "Most swimmers tend to slack off in the summer, but I want to stay in top shape. If I Red Prada Bag don't watch out, I'll be lazy (about swimming), so I want to make sure I push myself during the summer.

"It's a pretty Brown Prada Wallet

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Samantha Stockton, a senior to be at Rivera, couldn't agree more.

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