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Prada Womens Wallet

Former manager of what was the High Plains Livestock Exchange, Robin Sage, bought the facility from Tim and Lana Stutzman in early March, renaming it just Livestock Exchange.

The Livestock Exchange pens can hold up to 10,000 head of cattle for auctions. New owner Robin Sage said her employees are rebuilding the pen area as part of an overall renovation. (Courtesy photo/ Fort Morgan Times)

She is trying to bring the nostalgia of real life contact and personal attention back to life to serve the needs of livestock producers, she said.

And the dollars spent at the Livestock Exchange stays in the community; they are not sent off to a national company.

Prada Womens Wallet

Prada Womens Wallet

Next year, she said she hopes to put a scale in the auction ring.

Livestock Exchange LLC in Brush holds its auctions the old fashioned way, in person, not on the Internet. Robin Sage bought the facility at the beginning of this month, and has years of experience in the industry and at the facility that most recently was called the High Plains Livestock Exchange. (Courtesy photo/ Fort Morgan Times)

For example, some of her 35 employees are rebuilding the pens that are able to hold up to 10,000 head of cattle for auctions, and doing a major cleanup of the facilities as a whole, Sage said.

´╗┐Livestock exchange has new owner

Prada Womens Wallet

Prada Womens Wallet

While the exchange will do things the old fashioned way, it will still have contemporary marketing, Sage explained. She advertises on four radio stations, the Fence Post, the Ag Journal and the Mile Saver Shopper, among other places.

Prada Womens Wallet

Sage has four field representatives, in addition to herself, and if they have not been out to a production operation the cattleman or cattlewoman Prada Pouch

The auction ring will also still have Cowboy Bible Church services, Sage said.

She has big plans for renovating and upgrading the facilities, she said.

Another new feature is the "producers wall," which will have a board made of wood for livestock producers to press their brands into, Sage said.

Livestock Exchange LLC in Brush is bringing back the old days of cattle auctions while also renovating its historic facility.

The Livestock Exchange pens can hold up to 10,000 head of cattle for auctions. New owner Robin Sage said her employees are rebuilding Prada Red Backpack

There are new office spaces, and there are a couple of suites on the second floor that are available.

All of the owners of the facilities over the years have always made a point of supporting local youth in programs like 4 H and FFA, Sage said.

Livestock Exchange also has a new veterinarian, Paul Chard of Cattlemen's Resources. He and Sage will hold quarterly producer meetings, which are full service, offering care for everything from calves to cows, and also looking at nutritional needs. The next one is April 15, and those Prada Cahier Lion Bag

The facilities on the east end of Brush house a number of offices, as well as the popular Drover's Culinary Cafe, and the crucial auction ring.

Prada Womens Wallet

Livestock Exchange has sales on Thursdays during the "summer" schedule, which is in effect from now through the end of July. That is because this is a slow time of year for auctions, she said. on Thursdays and Fridays. on the third Saturday of every month. That is also an auction, but handled a bit differently than a livestock auction. About 75 to 100 buyers come to that day each month, Sage said.

However, the focus is on a place where livestock producers can do business the traditional way, not just by Internet and video, which have come to be a big part of livestock sales today, she said.

She has worked in the auction business for about 30 years, and spent a lifetime as livestock producer. In fact, her grandfather was a cattle buyer, she said.

who are interested can call 970 842 5115 for more information.

She also has another focus: encouraging local people to support the community that supports them, she said.

Livestock Exchange holds two annual horse sales during the first week of May and the second week of September, and next week a new, permanent arena will be built for the horses.

The front space of the building east of Drover's restaurant is now a conference room for community events, family gatherings and meetings of various kinds, and in the process of redecoration, Sage said.

The community needs a place that fits with the traditions of the area, and the Livestock Exchange is trying to bring some of the history of the area back, Sage noted.

Prada Womens Wallet

"They are a part of this," she said."It's Prada Womens Wallet producers and employees who make this place." She just considers herself the organizer.

the pen area as part of an overall renovation. (Courtesy photo/ Fort Morgan Times)

Livestock Exchange offers "cattlemen taking care of cattlemen," Sage said.

should give them a call, she said.

Prada Womens Wallet

Prada Womens Wallet

Prada Womens Wallet

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