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"The people I've been talking to are looking for more balance," Hunt said.

Lines easily drawn between Cowichan Bay choices

"His interests have focused more on the rights of the waterfront property owners," she said.

Because while both candidates promise an approach based on public input, they're practically polar opposites on solutions to solve the bay's issues.

But clearly, not everyone is a fan.

"I feel we need a more balanced situation everything has Prada Women Handbag to be balanced," he said.

"I feel the residents, for quite some time, have not had a true voice in local issues, and I feel that Greg Hunt will certainly allow the residents of the area to be heard and I will be their strong voice to put that information across."

But it appears the candidates are using different scales.

"No one group can take priority, or control, over the whole community," she said. "I believe everybody matters when you're a regional director you represent all the residents."

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"I ran this campaign to make sure we gave the people in Area D an opportunity to vote," Hunt said. "We live in a democratic society and that is why I made the choice to make sure people in Area D had a choice about who they want to be their area director."

and is best illustrated in the bay's CittaSlow standing that recognizes sustainable economic diversity.

But Iannidinardo says she aims to represent everyone.

When Lori Iannidinardo and Greg Hunt talk about representing Cowichan Bay, one has to wonder if they mean the same community.

"I feel that this election is about the residents of the community, and that is important to me.

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problem solving, with a focus on finances something he says hasn't been happening under Iannidinardo's watch.

means those in the bay's quaint core and those in its rural outlands, too.

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Iannidinardo, however, wonders just what "community" Hunt means.

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"I believe that lasting economic prosperity and environmental sustainability must go hand in hand," she said. "I believe in balanced community development with fair taxes, access to services and protection of our land and water for future generations."

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That theme has run through Iannidinardo's three year term at the Cowichan Valley Regional District board table, Prada Bags Ebay

Funnily enough, balance is important to incumbent Iannidinardo, too.

"There are different solutions that we're looking at, but it's not quite as easy as people from the outside believe. I'm not sure Mr. Hunt understands the issues his comments seem to be broad and generalized."

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"That's been a 40 year issue in Cowichan Bay, and I've been working on that," Iannidinardo said in response to Hunt's concern about parking.

Hunt said representation should include fighting for a fair and equitable regional recreation strategy, and enhanced parking along the bay's waterfront core.

Whether voters agree will be decided at the polls Nov. 19.

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Challenger Hunt, for example, talks about a "common sense approach" to Prada Messenger Bag Nylon

"I know it (regional rec) might take some time and energy to get that fulfilled, but that is one of the areas that the community is concerned about, and parking is always an issue that comes up, so that's another area I'd certainly like to zero my thoughts on," he said. Hunt suggested a binding regional recreation referendum would allow "the whole valley" to decide on a solution once and for all, and added research must continue on solving the parking problem.

That may be a group Iannidinardo has alienated her advocacy for protecting eco sensitive bay waters and trees, and restricting some development has not always endeared her to them.

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