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Local economy did pretty well in 2010

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The city of Fort Morgan was looking to the future with its Community Revitalization Program. Experts from Downtown Colorado Inc. came to town to analyze the local business climate and give tips on how to increase business.

However, Morgan County is doing well compared to some Colorado counties which have seen unemployment grow substantially, Linker said.

Dan Barker Fort Morgan Times McDonald's built a new restaurant in Fort Morgan during 2010. A number of big construction projects helped Morgan County weather the recession during the past year.

Dan Barker Fort Morgan TimesBlockbuster video in Fort Morgan closed its doors near the end of 2010. The recession is catching up in some ways.

Salud Family Health Center is building a new and large site in Fort Morgan, Morgan Community College built a large addition to its main building for its health sciences department, East Morgan County Hospital built an addition, the city of Brush did downtown improvements and started Prada Handbags Uk

Also, Colorado Plains Medical Center revamped its emergency department.

after decades of business, and that was partly because it was difficult to compete with mail in medicine sales.

In the past, paychecks contained an average of about 39 hours of work time, and are down to a 37.5 average in Colorado now, she said.

One advantage Morgan County has is its agriculture based economy, which tends to be more steady, Linker said.

However, local experts said there is a possibility that people were saving their money for the holidays and the downward sales trend could have ended, although that will not be known until all the sales tax figures are in.

There has definitely been a drop in peoples paychecks statewide, Linker said.

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People were not idle in response to economic problems, though.

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spoke at the Demographers Office annual report in the fall.

City Pharmacy in downtown Fort Morgan closed its doors Leather Prada Backpack

Colorado Plains Medical Centers write offs of debts for services rendered were up 41 percent due to people who did not pay their bills.

Colorado Demographers Office Economist David Keyser also said that the agricultural base helps steady a local economy like Morgan Countys when he Prada Crossbody 2017

While the Morgan County economy fared pretty well during 2010, there were some indications that the recession is starting to take its toll and the future looks bleak for some workers.

The Clarion Inn reopened the motel and restaurant at Wayward Wind, and the nearby convenience store and gasoline station reopened as the Mighty Mart Shell.

However, at the same Prada Wallet Zip Around time, there have been some job losses after the closing of the Brush prison, the dairy industry has suffered and the closing of Blockbuster video in Fort Morgan.

That adds up to millions of dollars of construction, and is expected to add jobs to the community, Linker said. Department of Agriculture grant and loan guarantee, and the Brush wastewater plant gets going full scale.

Interest earnings on more than $20 million in reserves for the Morgan County government were down. In 2007, the county earned $1.2 million in interest, but only $60,000 this year, said Michelle Covelli, county finance director, during the county budget hearing.

its wastewater facility upgrade, a new 5,000 square foot McDonalds restaurant went up in Fort Morgan, Fort Morgans Walmart had extensive renovations, as did the Body Firm health club, the new Longmeadow Game Resort and Event Center has begun its project and the Great West Auto Group built a new auto dealership.

The experts said that the first steps for the city are to embrace the diversity of the county residents, to support local business before worrying about bringing in tourism, improve local infrastructure and make an organized effort to boost the economy.

One reason the county did as well as it did was the kinds of investments in construction made by various companies and government entities, said Kari Linker, executive director of the Morgan County Economic Development Corp., during an economic roundtable last fall.

There are signs that the recession is encroaching in the county.

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In addition, an American bison meat packing plant is planned for Brush, and the Brush City Council recently approved tax incentives for it.

Sales in downtown Fort Morgan were down by 4 percent, and overall in the city by 0.7 percent, at the end of October.

At the beginning of 2010, MCC offered a special training for older workers displaced by the recession. It helped them to learn about computers and customer relations, in addition to other things.

Morgan Countys unemployment rate was recently at about 6 percent, compared to the states 8 percent and some counties where unemployment hit 10 percent, she said.

Local school districts struggled to keep their teachers as the Colorado legislature cut K 12 funding.

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