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"Folks from Austin and across the country have called for stronger gun regulations, and I am thankful that real reforms will finally be enacted," Leffingwell said. "I stand firmly behind our children and families, as well as our national leaders, as we move forward on this critical issue."

"It's an emotional issue and an emotional reaction at this point," said Lombard, who works in sales for a local tech company. "I don't see it making any big changes. The (mass shooters) that are doing what they're doing are breaking the law in the first place. Any additional law isn't going to deter them. It's going to affect people like me who are law abiding citizens."

there's no stopping that. "I personally am not opposed to a background check on any firearm transfer. I don't believe it's the right Prada Wallet Purple of the government to ban any type of weapons except automatic weapons. A lot of people don't understand why a person would need a semi automatic weapon. It's just a self defense mechanism. If you have wild hogs on your property, you want to shoot as many as you can before they can run away because they're very destructive. But I would not be opposed to closing the loophole of selling individual to individual without a background check, and the mental health aspect as well."

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell released a statement applauding the White House for addressing gun violence.

The buying frenzy for weapons, magazines and ammunition that began shortly after Obama's re election has kept area retailers extremely busy and inventories depleted nationwide, the area dealers surveyed Wednesday said.

Vegas and orders coming in every couple of minutes, he was simply too busy to talk. Wagnon said his suppliers hadn't been able to help him restock depleted inventory for at least a month. A telephone recording at GT Distributors said the business had been "overwhelmed by customer inquiries" and that it was no longer accepting back orders on magazines with a capacity of 10 rounds or higher.

Hill, who said he voted for Obama twice and would do so again, said he was pleased to hear that Obama's recommendations by and large didn't contain the "doom and gloom" some gun rights advocates feared, but also wasn't sure what effect the measures would have.

"I'm a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and I teach concealed handgun license courses and am an NRA certified instructor, but what I heard on the TV I can fully support," said Texas Firearm Academy owner John Lacaria. "Unfortunately, he said he was implementing 29 points and only talked about two or three. He didn't address the fact that gun shows allow unlicensed dealers to sell firearms. I don't think anybody should be able to sell firearms without a license."

Local gun dealers have mixed reactions to Obama plan

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"Ever since the election, it's been hard to get re inventoried," Rose said. "If you're not a major retailer, as far as getting product, all the small guys have nothing left."

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Casey Wagnon, vice president of Tex Guns, largely echoed those sentiments.

Gun owner Michael Lombard of Liberty Prada Double Bags

Austin area gun dealers reacted generally favorably to President Barack Obama's remarks Wednesday, although some cautioned that as in any issue that incites great passion on all sides the devil is in the details.

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Joe McBride of McBride's Guns said that, with several employees at the enormous SHOT Show in Las Prada Nylon Crossbody Bag

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"I don't think that's a bad idea, keeping guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have guns," Wagnon said. "But no matter what laws would have been passed prior to Sandy Hook, when you kill your mother and take her guns, Prada Green Bag

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Supplies were running so low at Austin Gun Liquidators that Rose said the store would close Thursday.

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