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not be sure of its original color or model. "It was burned beyond recognition," Thibodeau said.

A 68 year old Redwood City man faces a manslaughter charge after the car he drove at more than 100 mph Thursday morning slammed into two other cars near the Race Street exit on Interstate 280, sparking a blaze that killed one of those drivers, the California Highway Patrol said.

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Tamara Goulden said she thought she saw the car speed past her on I 280 as far north as Los Altos.

CHP officers arrested Guadalupe Gomez of Redwood City on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence at Valley Medical Center, where he was treated for a broken leg and cuts he suffered in the crash, officer Todd Thibodeau said.

Witnesses told CHP officers they had seen the black 2007 Camry speeding south on the highway, using both shoulders and all of the lanes to pass cars for six miles, as far back as Prada Wallet On Chain Black Wolfe Road in Cupertino, officer Todd Thibodeau said.

The collisions scattered debris across 800 feet of the highway.

Emergency crews Prada Handbag Styles

The Santa Clara County coroner's office won't release the fatality's name Friday, but friends and family identified him as 39 year old Troy Edwin Johnson of San Jose.

Witnesses told investigators they had seen the car speeding, but Thibodeau said his office did not receive any reports about the car before the crash.

said the man driving the Honda died at the scene. The Prada Sunglasses

The Mazda hit the center median and came to rest in the lane next to the fast lane. After hitting the Mazda, Gomez's Camry crashed into the back of a car that officers believe was a 1993 Honda Accord. That car spun around and burst into flames.

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"I've never seen a car go that fast on the freeway," Padilla said. "It looked like he was having some kind of problem," he said, adding the Camry had its hazard lights on. Padilla said his wife thought she saw smoke coming from one of its tires.

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The third driver, Jedidiah Lee Dooley, 27, of Los Gatos, was treated for scratches to his face.

Local man faces charge in fatal crash

Gomez passed Danny Padilla near where he finally crashed the Camry.

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car was so badly damaged that officers could Prada Velvet Bag 2017

Gomez remains hospitalized. Officials were working to identify the dead driver. They have the vehicle identification number for the car he was driving, but declined to release it.

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Prada Wallet On Chain Black

"He has made no statements or admissions as to why he was driving the way he was allegedly driving," Thibodeau said.

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