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My heritage is English Scottish; our family last name is Crawford (fathers). Others are Reycroft (mothers) , Ives (fathers) Russell (mothers). Some day, I hope to return as it's been decades. I can honestly say that the most memorable experiences occurred in Europe. The culture of every EU nation is so unique honorable. The train (local express) bus arrival/departure times are so accurate. I could set my watch by the transit system. If I was 15 30 seconds late to the local train station in Voorschoten, NL (town outside The Hague 10km east) for school, I missed the Prada Bag Names

Brett, thanks for replying. I don't have Norton can't afford it now. Have you any other recommendations? I've installed Malwarebytes free, CCLeaner, Revouninstaller it's made the laptop run much faster. But, I can't eliminate the IE 7 default blank page loading. I've spent hours fixing my grandson's laptop, which was infected w. multiple malware slowed it down immensely. Now, its protected from future attacks. I've tried researching on YouTube, Google can't find the answer. I know there's a solution to fix this blank page issue somewhere. Thx PC

4) Go Internet Options Advanced Settings. Ok

However, it wants to always set Bing as the Default Search Provider, even when I select Google.

However, learning to drink UK warm beer; light or dark, took quite a while to adjust to.

Your notes:

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Good News! I was able to set Google it now loads IE 7 fine. I went to Tools on the Favorites Status Bar above the Google image, clicked on Tools. The drop down gave options for:menu bar, favorites bar, Command Bar, Status Bar. I checked Status Bar, then unlocked the Lock Tool Bars option. Also, in the Manage Search Providers, I moved Bing, from 2nd position, but wouldn't allow the default setting change, to 1st position Google to the 2nd. I now could make Google Default deleted Bing. It originally had 2 different Bing Icons loaded, 1 blue 1 red. If you can respond about the other Qs above; thanks for your help. I'll be searching myself Thx PC

IE 7 Blank Page, I can type in a web address to say MSN, Google it immediately is directed, so I'm connected to the internet.

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

V/R Phil

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Ok. Thanks Brett. I'll download Norton 2013 will respond back. I had the unique opportunity nearly 40 years ago. My dad was a sales mgr was offered a trial position to set up sales account reps in Europe. of the Hague, Netherlands; graduating in 1973. I played varsity tennis, skiing, soccer, track volleyball. In this manner, I was able to travel throughout Europe, as every nation's capital had a school. I visited Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium England via the sports program for tournaments. I played in the UK soccer tournament, Spring of 1972. I visited England earlier in 1972 went to all the major national sites in London.

V/R Phil

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

On the Prada Wallet Crossbody

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

5) Press Reset Button to reset IE to Defaults.

I went to Control Panel Network Internet Internet Optons Change Home Page.

In closing, I have first hand experience of just how special the European societies cultures are. If I were in a better position, I would relocate back instantly. One of the most important lessons learned there was respect, trust friendship. Americans say they've met a new friend the other day. Incorrect. They've only made an acquaintance. True friendship is earned. It is based on shared values trust over considerable time. Unfortunately, this concept here will never be adopted, as it's too difficult to comprehend. I'm one of few Americans who's had this rare opportunity to live experience the splendors of where our nation originated from.

I even miss the Wednesday/Saturday city flea markets especially the Friday, fresh food open markets. The buildings in every village, town, city are so impressive; dating back centuries are so well maintained. With our fragmented family circle society, respect for sr. family members elders is almost non existent. I grew up in Connecticut New Hampshire; New England; born in Bridgeport, CT. A very conservative Protestant background (Congregationalist). It's so sad to see our national values collapse in just one generation. I'm 58 will probably be working for the next 10 yrs, based on our state side economic dilemma.

I wish you the best in your business ventures personal longevity.

Brett, I'm truly sorry Men Wallet Prada

Loads Blank Page

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

Hopefully, if only our nation can re learn to emulate the European cultural values, we may still have a chance for survival. Sadly, it's very unlikely. Our nation is so diluted now, that the minorities have become the aggregate majority in our democratic process. They believe in the concept of having big government take care of them financially. I've been working since I was 12 yrs. old. I have an different viewpoint. That hard work ethic, I believe, is what build our country, early on.

about the previous email. I've had 3 orthopedic surgeries (L Shoulder rebuilds Total L/Knee replacements), 1 per month I wasn't think correctly, being heavily medicated. It bought back such fond memories. When I realized after sending, that others could access this note, I immediately sent an urgent note, requested the IT staff to remove it ASAP from the webpage for obvious reasons withdraw of membership as penalty. Again sorry for the over writing of my experiences in europe. Please disregard, delete don't respond from that reply. I have another internal 1 R/Ankle rebuild Prada Tote Nylon Bag later this month. Please accept my apology for overzealousness. Living in europe has made the strongest impact on my life.

I truly appreciate your effort in helping me solve this issue.

connection. Every country has spectacular eating at every level, for every meal time. They'll all exceptional the people take such great pride in everything they produce or sell.

Prada Tote Nylon Bag

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