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time, and in addition, "It's great to have everything in the same place."

From its inception in 1926 through 1967 when it was cancelled due to a number of factors, the Acadia Relays, held on Raymond Field, was both a spring staple and arguably the pre eminent interscholastic Prada Clutch Man

The 2X1,600 relay will see a boy and girl from each school each run a 'metric mile' around the track against other teams, in whichever order they choose.

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In previous years, "volunteers had to spend hours getting the venue ready to support the meet," whether it be districts or regionals.

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As a result, the NSSAF district and regional track and field meets will both be held at Acadia this year the districts May 15 16 and the regionals May 24 25.

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"The whole idea behind the new infrastructure," Wohlmuth said, was not only to be able to hold track and field competitions at Acadia, "but also to support the high schools in Kings County."

athletics meet in Nova Scotia.

"We're assuming the meet was held every year except during the war, even though some years are missing or weren't reported," Foot said, adding, "in the day, it was quite an event. We'll be trying to recapture some of that excitement."

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and a new facility, which became Beazley Field in Dartmouth, was being built for the 1969 Canada Summer Games.

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A local group has been working for the past several years to resurrect the event, and their efforts will come to fruition May 10 when the first edition of the Acadia Relays in 46 years will take place in Wolfville. The other four events long jump, shot put, a 2X1,600 metre relay and a 4X200 metre relay will all be co ed.

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Three things conspired to cancel the event after 1967 Major Kelly retired after 40 years; work had begun on the new Acadia gym; Prada Wallet

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Participating schools that year were from Kings, Annapolis, Hants, the South Shore, Halifax, Pictou, Colchester and Cumberland, with West Kings the overall winner.

Competitions took place annually through 1942 when the event was cancelled for the duration of World War II, resuming in 1946. Female athletes made their first appearance at the 1955 meet.

In preparation, a lot of new equipment, including 85 new regulation hurdles and eight new starting blocks, has been purchased "on the premise the cost will be covered, which we believe will happen."

Events included the 60, 100, 220, 440 and 880 yard dash, a mile relay, 12 pound shot put, running high jump and running broad jump. Bridgewater won the 1926 Prada Sunglasses With Studs meet, with Wolfville placing second.

By 1967, in addition to the traditional events, the list now included hurdles, javelin, discus and hop step and jump (today's triple jump) as well as 440 and 880 yard relays in other words, the equivalent of a full track and field meet.

Foot points out the initiative to resurrect the event began about five years ago, when Field Turf and an all weather running track were installed on Raymond Field.

Wohlmuth stressed the revival of the Acadia Relays "wouldn't have happened without a high level of co operation between a lot of people and organizations."

Terry Osborne, head of physical training at Acadia, headed up the committee that organized the first meet. It was later headed up for many years by his successor, Major Dr. Fred Kelly.

Wohlmuth initiated the process that saw the addition of jumping and throwing areas at the Acadia complex, which were completed in the fall of 2012, allowing for preparations to revive the Acadia Relays this year to proceed.

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Ultimately, a committee was struck including Foot, Steve Wohlmuth, Dr. Rene Murphy, Ueli Albert and Dave Morton.

The new equipment, along with the new field events infrastructure, was installed with the intention of being shared with local schools.

Having the entire infrastructure in place, he points out, "will result in the saving of hundreds of hours" of set up Prada Pink Backpack

In the long jump and shot put, one boy and one girl from each school will compete in teams of two, with the best combined result winning.

Local group to resurrect Acadia Relays for Valley high schools

The 4X200 relay will see teams of two boys and two girls team up for a timed run. It is anticipated this event will require two heats.

Foot's research into the history of the event revealed the first Acadia Relays was held in May of 1926, with Berwick, Bridgewater, New Glasgow, Dartmouth, Bloomfield Academy from Halifax, Acadia Academy and Wolfville taking part.

Participants may compete in up to two events, and each school is permitted two teams. An invitation was extended to all high schools in the Valley, and has since been opened up to the rest of the Western Region.

The list included the provincial Department of Health and Wellness and in particular, regional representative Mike Trinacty. the Town of Wolfville got on board, and of course, "there was a willingness on Acadia's part to see this happen."

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