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Many parents fear taking their children to live theatre because they are not sure how they will behave.

When in doubt, phone or email the theatre to ask.

As an experienced actor, Henry loves it when she hears someone react to what she is doing on the stage.

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But it's fun and the actors don't mind."

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are children crying, laughing, dancing, playing, being loud, burping and doing inappropriate things. Prada Men Handbag

If the play has been made into a movie, watch it. Do some research and explain the story. This will get the child interested and excited about the story and they will want to go see the play, too.

Angela Burns of Cambridge agrees. She takes her daughter Madison, six, to the theatre so she will fall in love with live theatre instead of TV or movies.

"I take them," says Cairns, "so that they can experience the arts and realize that there is more entertainment out there than just the television and video games."

"I never tell parents, especially those Prada Sunglasses Tortoise Shell with children under six, to make them stay quiet," says Henry. "Kids need to identify with the story. The actors are aware that this could happen, and are prepared!"

Sometimes it's hard to know whether a play Prada Bag Fall 2017

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"Also," says Burns, "I love live theatre and want us to be able to go on outings together to the theatre as she grows up."

When asked what children get out of going to live theatre, CentreStage veteran Nancy Henry says it stimulates their imagination.

"That means I have done my job!" she says.

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Cairns says not to sweat the small stuff.

One way to overcome this is by introducing them to live theatre.

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With so much stimulation in this day and age, imagination is often left behind. Toys make noise or come with preset ways to build them. Children don't seem to play make believe as much any more.

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"There Prada Sunglasses Girls

"If the play has been printed in a book, read the book and get the younger kids ready for the story and explain things," suggests Burns.

Live theatre lets kids use their imagination

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Besides, in a play, the idea of right and wrong can be taught and can hold a child's attention in a fun way.

is appropriate or not for children, or what age they should be to attend. Cairns says she selects plays she knows are geared towards families. Burns suggests checking age requirements for the play in the publicity.

"For young children under five," says Henry, "the show should not be very long as their attention span can wander. If they know the story and there is audience interaction holding their attention, it is much easier."

"Actors pick up a stick to be a pirate, help others, go to a tea party they can do and be anything," says Henry.

"I also check the websites for additional information and talk with other parents."

Children under five can certainly attend live theatre, depending on the show and the maturity of the children.

When you choose a show geared towards families, they expect these things, so have fun with it!

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