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Richard strolled into the Pheasant Lane Mall on Friday morning, walked to the front of the line of people waiting to get their hands on a new iPad and purchased his device without delay.

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how Prada Sunglasses Pink Frame much memory it comes with or whether it has 4G capability. The 4G devices require a cellphone carrier, either ATT or Verizon.

Prada Sunglasses Pink Frame

However, people who wanted to get a specific iPad had to get an early start. The must have iPads came with built in 4G technology. Previous iPads had only 3G speeds. Once people got to the store, they were given tickets and lined up in a roped area around the corner from the store.

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Apple representatives hovered nearby to give demos or to answer questions. There were a lot of choices for customers to consider.

Elana Dooley, of Fitchburg, Mass., got what she was looking for: a 16GB iPad with built in 4G in black.

Lines form at local stores for release of newest technology

Prada Sunglasses Pink Frame

Prada Sunglasses Pink Frame

Richard, of Litchfield, avoided the long waits and competition for specific models by buying his ahead of time online through Apple last week.

"He had to have it, and it was his birthday," Fletcher said, adding his son was stuck at work.

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She arrived at Best Buy and within 30 minutes had everything she was looking for, including a screen protector and an external keyboard.

GB of memory cost $829.99, compared with $729.99 for its 3G brother.

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First, there's color white or black. Then there are the built in features, such as Prada Double Bag

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The store had six employees handling the line of iPad customers and another five running dedicated cash registers for those sales.

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He was buying the iPad for his son, who already has an older model and wanted to upgrade his technology.

Prada Sunglasses Pink Frame

Generally, the devices with more memory and 4G capability sold out first. They cost $100 more than the 3G devices. A 4G iPad with 64 Prada Quilted Nylon Chain Bag

Prada Sunglasses Pink Frame

The upgraded iPads, the third generation of the popular tablet, were all the rage Friday morning as hundreds of people swarmed electronics stores around the region in hopes of getting their hands on one. and was able to get one of the remaining devices after only a 20 minute wait.

"There's a lot of options," she said. "It's like having a kid."

While there was a rush of people, it was nowhere near the crowds that show up for Black Friday, manager Kevin Grant said.

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