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fortunate because of our location, he said. have to really kind of want to get out to our property to come here. still in its infant phase, Beltway Park has an ambitious idea to create a paging system for the law enforcement and other emergency personnel who attend its services.

will look at the prime usage times and examine where we feel we might be vulnerable and at risk, he said.

of these check in so we know they are there, he said.

A number of churches have staunch security measures in place when it comes to the care of children, McQueen said.

McQueen would like to see emergency personnel voluntarily sign in when they attend church, so their presence is noted and can be tapped quickly in the case of an emergency.

The incident the conversation about security, he said, making it an issue will have to deal with in the months ahead. have all sorts of policies about who can work with children and youth, procedures to follow, etc., he said. don't have security at the door, nor do we have a way to prevent Prada Sunglasses Oversized an armed person from getting into the church like in the Colorado cases. First Baptist Church plans to conduct a complete security inventory of the buildings on its church campus, said Pastor Phil Christopher.

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At Beltway Park and FountainGate, for example, security is tight when it comes to who may pick children up, requiring detailed identification measures such as matching wrist bands, tags and cards.

one ever works with a kid alone, McQueen said. when they go to the restrooms, everything is done in a group. and deacons form a basic building block for many church security plans.

But Beard and other pastors in Abilene said a pair of church related shootings by a single Colorado gunman Sunday underscores the need for churches to consider security for members and staff.

A random sampling of Abilene congregations Tuesday indicated that security has become a common topic of conversation throughout the city, no matter how much emphasis it has been given in the past.

Local churches reminded of security concerns

The church, which has 2,500 attending on any Sunday, already hires police officers to help with traffic, which McQueen said helps with security concerns.

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Phil Ware, minister of Southern Hills Church of Christ, said that his church has doctors, nurses, EMT personnel and police officers who attend services regularly.

do try to do the smart things like locking most of our 28 doors that enter into our church building once the services begin, he said. do have deacons/ushers who are aware of what is going on in the foyer during services. for the Unexpected

Other provisions are currently in place to help members watch out for emergency situations be they falls, medical incidents or something that requires law enforcement to respond quickly, he said.

church started shoring up its security about six years ago, he said.

To be fair, they probably would be anyway, and naturally, members of the church don't expect that use of said firearms will ever be necessary, said pastor Scott Beard.

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present, our ushers keep watch on people coming and going during worship services, Derrell Patterson, pastor of Aldersgate United Methodist Church, said. anything dangerous happened, they would call 911. have dealt with suspicious people in the past by asking them to leave if they are disruptive or aggressive, Patterson said.

The weekly precaution of one appropriately armed member is just one small but vital part of FountainGate's security policy, which also includes more mundane but strict rules to keep children safe and parking lots patrolled, Beard said. The Prada Bags Ebay

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The Rev. Greg Kennedy, pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church, said that his church discussed security in a staff meeting Tuesday morning.

The incident in Colorado has also prompted First Central Presbyterian minister Cliff Stewart to ask his deacons to review the issue of security on Sunday mornings.

get heated, it's an essential component, McQueen said.

The church plans to develop a comprehensive security plan working with staff and a member who specializes in military security issues, Christopher said.

Providing a safe and secure environment for all members and staff is an important part of any church, said David McQueen, pastor at Beltway Park Baptist church.

And FountainGate isn't alone in seeing security as a priority.

Multiple Abilene churches reported Tuesday that peace officers who attend their services regularly carry weapons as part of their jobs including at church.

At FountainGate, ushers do double duty as security, patrolling hallways on Sunday mornings to check on children and making certain access to back rooms from the outside is secured.

In an era of estranged parents, especially when battles over custodial rights can Prada Sunglasses Pr53ss

already have members from law enforcement of various levels who come armed, and we have a variety Prada Wallet Classic

of other members involved in emergency response, he said.

is something that happens, and we face pretty regularly, he said. always a kid in the middle of a custody battle, and that brings up the possibility of an abduction. precautions include background checks for volunteers and church workers and making certain a number of adults are present with children and youth at all times is another priority for many churches.

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