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Now, six plus years later, his reason for staying and loving it revolves around the continued happiness and appreciation he enjoys every day.

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"I came from a large bank in town, and while I enjoyed my work there, the idea of working for a company starting out (as LinkedIn was more than six years ago) was appealing to me," Holzapfel said. "I was with the bank for 18 years, so this move was a big leap of faith. But I have never regretted it. In fact, I've been thankful every day for the change."

As a company, LinkedIn employs 5,000 at 26 sites in the United States Prada Sunglasses Men Gold and abroad.

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"Being in different locations across the world does present its challenges when it comes to communication, but we connect and collaborate without being face to face, through video conferencing. We want people to be able to see each other and connect as much as possible," Pilgrim said.

"The thing that really stands out for me is the freedom we have to work without someone standing over us," he said. "Our team cares about us, and that comes in Prada Double Bag Review

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It's one of the hallmarks that has kept employee morale and retention high, and the main reason the organization has repeatedly been ranked as one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha.

many different forms big and small. Knowing that you are appreciated, respected and heard means the world to me. I can't imagine working anywhere else."

Caring about the total employee, LinkedIn maintains a policy of health and wellness. The company brings in nutritious food every day for employees to eat free, has on site yoga classes and meditation sessions, and offers discounted gym memberships. It's all about balance, and that means staff setting and meeting personal goals with the assistance and support of the company itself.

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"We're evolving all the time, and everything we do is about actively promoting teamwork."

"Our mission and goals aren't just written down. They are believed and lived in the way we Prada Clutch Men

Above all else, Holzapfel said he appreciates and welcomes the autonomy he enjoys as a member of the LinkedIn team.

With so many sites, it would be easy to rely almost exclusively on communication methods that require limited or no human to human interaction. But that is not the case at LinkedIn.

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"What stands out for me is how every level of management cares about us as team members, always asking for ideas and implementing them," said Holzapfel, who estimates that about 150 members of the Omaha team are part of the company's Enterprise Services department.

´╗┐LinkedIn key to success is effective communication

"Our leadership team lives our values and mission by being innovative and transparent," said Pilgrim, director of global customer operations at the Omaha office, which employs about 180. "They care about the success of employees, and they are conscious of how happy we are, holistically as well as in general. It's a great place to work."

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As a LinkedIn member before coming to work for the company, Holzapfel saw a great deal of potential in the site's offerings. Over the years, he has helped advance the site, expanding services and opportunities, and always interacting with clients to see what they want and need.

"It's give and take with our leadership. They genuinely want to hear from us, and they don't just listen and disregard. They listen and enact change," said Pilgrim, who has been with LinkedIn for the last five and a half years. "It's personal and passionate, and it goes beyond the day to day with staff. Leaders care about the entire person and create opportunities to ensure success.

It's also one of many reasons Kelli Pilgrim calls LinkedIn her home away from home. In her view, it all begins at the top of the LinkedIn chain.

Though the benefits of working at LinkedIn are great, according to Holzapfel, what he truly loves about his work is the opportunity Prada Bags Cost

For Al Holzapfel, who works in the company's Enterprise Services department, the lure to LinkedIn began at the urging of a former co worker.

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to assist clients by listening and responding to their requests and anticipating their needs.

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work every day," Pilgrim said. "Consistency in messaging is also important, especially when you have offices and employees spread out as we do. Everyone hears the same message, and that's vital to engagement and understanding."

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Realizing the potential for a lack of communication or worse miscommunication Pilgrim said leaders make it a point twice a month to appear before the entire company via video to discuss company progress, gauge employee satisfaction and listen to feedback about what works and what doesn't work.

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