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"We're producing over 200 gallons of our Royal and Dipper bitters and Sovereign blonde beer a week now, and have managed to get our brews into 60 pubs all over the area, so we're on track," said owner Simon Lewis, whose business is based at the Spa Brewery.

Chocolate makers Charbonnel et Walker the French connection comes from founder Mme Charbonnel, a Parisian who teamed up with Mrs Walker to launch the firm in London back in 1875 have been quietly producing confectionery in Quarry Road since the 1970s.

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Prada Sunglasses Male

One of the first to bring in Polish workers, it still relies heavily on the Eastern Europeans who make up the majority of its 350 strong workforce.

"I want this to be Tunbridge Wells's own beer."

There is also a solid core of staff who drive in each day from the Prada Crossbody Saffiano

At the other end of town, cooking smells drifting in the air above the houses on Showfields estate signal the presence of WA Turner's meat pie factory in Broadwater Lane.

For managing director Mark Jiskoot, staying in Tunbridge Wells is a priority.

families here, with husbands and wives, brothers, sisters and cousins all working alongside each other," said managing director Ian Bagnall.

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Prada Sunglasses Male

"But I know I've got to earn my stripes and my job now is to spread the word and get ourselves known.

High quality "couverture" chocolate is brought in from Belgium, but most other ingredients are sourced locally to make chocolates which, packaged and decked out in ribbons, are a far cry from the nondescript grey building by the railway line.

At the other end of town, a steady flow of meat pies and sausages threads its way from the heart of Showfields estate to outlets the length and breadth of the country. And on North Farm, Tunbridge Wells's newest brewery is supplying home produced ale to pubs and clubs across the region.

local factories are busy pumping out millions of pounds' worth of goods which stream out across the world

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In a fiercely competitive industry, where details on products and processes are closely guarded secrets, he is only prepared to say that the Broadwater Lane factory has a "multimillion pound" turnover.

Like most of the 57 staff, 62 year old Tony Taylor, who has been with Jiskoot since he left school, lives locally, in Eastlands Road, Tunbridge Wells.

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At the far end of Camden Road, up to of top class chocolates are produced every week for sale in boutique shops in London and New York.

He said: "I've always felt part of the family, and I've enjoyed more or less every minute of my 46 years here. It makes me proud that so much of our work goes abroad."

"There are a lot of Prada Sunglasses Spr

"Many have been with us for years, and we just can't afford to lose the skills developed over so many years."

stone's throw from the bustling shops in Royal Victoria Place, a family engineering firm is designing and making the specialist equipment used to test two thirds of all the world's crude oil supplies.

Made by a core of local workers some of whom have been with them for 30 years joined by Poles and other Eastern Europeans during busy periods, their truffles and chocolate bars, rose and violet creams and nut clusters sell in top venues from London's Bond Street to New York's Fifth Avenue.

His first contract was to design and make equipment for mixing sugar with beer at a leading London brewery. Before long, however, it was the burgeoning oil and gas sector which began to bring in more work.

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The 150 year old business, which opened its Tunbridge Wells factory by the old agricultural showground almost 40 years ago, has been part of giant Irish Food Processors Ltd since 2008.

HIDDEN away amid the shops and parks, the tourist hotspots and the provincial streets of Tunbridge Wells, local factories are busy pumping out millions of pounds' worth of goods Prada Sunglasses Male which stream out across the world.

"We work wherever oil is produced or transported, which last year involved countries as far apart as India, Canada, Iraq and Vietnam," said business development director Jon Moreau.

One of the town's younger manufacturers is the Royal Tunbridge Wells Brewing Company which, launched just four months ago in Chapman Way, North Farm, is working hard to establish itself.

Isle of Sheppey, some with connections going back 30 years.

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He said: "We don't have a high staff turnover.

Today, the company recently taken over by US giant Cameron but still very much a family firm under Mr Jiskoot's three sons sprawls across both sides of the quiet back street and has an annual turnover of more than million.

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