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They identified themselves as technicians for Pepco, and said they were calling to verify the address and name of the business because he was going to be there in half an hour to turn off the power for non payment.

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"We would have to groom a lot of dogs to make up for it," she said.

"They could have taken all of my credit card information, because it would have been the number, the billing address, and the little security code," Peregoy thought.

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Local business target of Pepco electric bill scam

to the attempted scam with a statement of caution to customers:

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She initiated the call to 1 800 908 6210.

A recording said, "Thank you for calling customer service, please hold while we transfer you to the next available agent."

and confirmed, her bill was indeed paid.

In this case, customers should not provide any type of payment or financial information. They should call Pepco Customer Service immediately at 202 and also call local law enforcement to report the incident."

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But Peregoy said, her instincts cried scam.

Pepco responded Prada Nylon Bags 2017

Also, legitimate Pepco Customer Service Representatives will always be able to provide the name on the account, the Prada Sunglasses Aviator account address, and the exact past due balance. If the caller cannot provide that information, it is very likely the call is not from a Pepco employee.

Then a man came on and said, "Pepco customer service."

Was her business about to be in the dark?

Now, Peregoy is warning others to be wary the impersonators could have shaved away a lot of money.

"I think, it is pretty sophisticated, because everything you hear says don't give any credit card information unless you initiate the call," Peregoy said.

A quick Internet search of the 1 800 number directs one to an e cigarette business in Los Angeles, Calif. very obviously in no way affiliated with Pepco.

"Pepco reminds home and business owners to practice safety when someone claiming to represent a business calls or shows up in person. Employees from reputable companies, such as Pepco, will carry official company identification cards bearing the corporate logo/symbol.

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gave her the 1 800 number provided by the caller.

But Peregoy said she was certain her electric bill was paid in full.

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So, she hung up and called the real Pepco Prada Wallet On Chain

Her manager Prada Bag Soft Leather

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