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"I'm going to enjoy every minute of it," he added. "At my age, who knows if I'll ever get to do it again."

"Curling is something I picked up 24 years ago and fell in love with," said Kupchik, 73, who earned a PhD in biochemistry from Wayne State University in Detroit and whose curriculum vitae includes 15 books and chapters and approximately 50 manuscripts in peer reviewed publications. "A graduate student invited me to an open house at a curling club in Massachusetts. I got on the ice and fell in love with the sport.

But he does have one more wish involving the sport he's grown to love.

"Officiating gets me closer to the sport at the higher levels," he explained.

Since that first course, Kupchik has been involved as an official in the sport of curling in a variety of roles at various championships, including national and international events. He's taught officiating classes, helped re write rules books and regulations, and was part of a working group that developed new officiating training programs.

Next month, Kupchik will complete his bucket list when he officiates at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. He has been selected as one of just two Americans to serve as a curling game umpire at the sport's highest level.

"My hero was a man who curled with me in Massachusetts until he was 92," Kupchik explained reminiscing. "I've always told people that if I'm lucky enough to live to be his age, I want to be able to get on the ice and curl like he could."

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

Now that his bucket list is complete, Kupchick won't be adding anything new, saying, "I have pretty much fulfilled what I've wanted to do for a very long time."

But when Kupchick retired in Delaware to be closer to his son, a UD professor, and his Prada Nylon Tote Bag Black

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

Kupchik's bucket list consisted of wanting to curl in Scotland and officiate at the Winter Olympic Games, neither of which he accomplished while working full time and living in Massachusetts.

As much as he enjoys playing, Kupchik realized early on that if he wanted to reach the top levels of curling, it would have Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection to be as an official.

"I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few," Kupchik said.

"And then my wife became a curling widow," he added laughing.

Kupchik checked his first bucket list item off in 2012 when he was selected to play on a United States curling team competing in Scotland for the Herries Maxwell Trophy, the sport's version of golf's Ryder Cup (except it is contested every five years instead of two).

Kupchik's next officiating job after the Olympics won't require nearly the amount of luggage that he'll take to Russia. The first week in March he is serving as Chief Umpire for the 2014 Curling Nationals at the Ice Works Skating Complex in Aston, Pa. It's his third time in that role and when asked if it would be a downer after being at the Olympics, he was quick with his reply.

Local man to fulfill dream of being Olympic umpire

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

"I entered an officiating course about 20 years ago to learn more about the rules of the game and because I knew it provided an opportunity to be involved in national championships and perhaps someday international championships," Kupchik Prada Phone Case

Kupchik and his 19 teammates curled and traveled together across the country for three weeks. When it was all over, the team had played at every curling club in Scotland, winning the Herries Maxwell Trophy.

"I enjoy the social aspects of the sport as much as playing it," he said.

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explained. "I wanted the challenge of reaching the top of the sport."

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Kupchik's skills as a player were just one reason he was selected for the team. His contributions to the sport in other areas former club president and current official, among other roles also weighed in on the selection decision.

"I don't feel nervous about it, I'm just excited," he said. "I just want to do a good job. I've been involved in playing and enforcing the rules for many years so everything should fall into place.

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

"It was very exciting," he recalled of receiving the email Prada Phone Bag

grandchildren, the former New Englander brought his passion for curling with him. He curls regularly at the Philadelphia Curling Club and describes himself as a "typical club curler," who makes some shots and misses others.

After being selected, Kupchik had to commit to going to Russia twice, the first being last year for the Junior World Championships, an event used as a test run for the Olympic Games venue. But when Kupchik flies to Russia on February 5, it won't be for another test run, but instead an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

"Absolutely not," he insisted without hesitation. "It is our country's biggest curling event."

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

notifying him of his selection. "It's something I've been working toward for a long time."

Prada Sunglasses 2017 Collection

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