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Prada Sling Bag Small

They bring people together who are deeply concerned about how to insure a positive future for families and children that live in and around New Haven. They call us to move out of our comfort zone. They a light on the possibility and I dare say necessity to transcend differences and forge new relationships for addressing difficult social problems.

Too many negative things are happening these days that absolutely are inexplicable. Why do we have an epidemic of young people dying needlessly and senseless violence in our midst? How could a 16 year old, with a bright future, have her life cut short because of a fatal stab wound? Why are disparities and inequalities in education, health care and income tolerated? Why can we do more to help people feel safe in their neighborhoods and maintain a decent quality of life?


It is one of many ways that people of faith can connect their prayers to their actions. It is where the of our faith meets the road. Its foundation is durable, divine, holy, prophetic and concrete. It moves people to a better place, from complaining and complacency to participating in positive events and putting principles to practice.

Occasions like this are beneficial in that they offer a special PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) to change human conditions or, at least, to change people as they alleviate or create these conditions.

Prada Sling Bag Small

Live out faith in practical ways with intensity and intentionality

Prada Sling Bag Small

Prada Sling Bag Small

Congress more than 50 years ago as a time turn to God in prayer and meditation. Locally, people gathered on the New Haven Green. Prayer, singing and worship will fill the air, in the name of promoting unity of churches and the community.

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Answers seem elusive. Frustrations are high. Challenges are great. Confusion and chaos are ever present. Solutions are complicated.

Prada Sling Bag Small

When we rise from our prayers whether it is private or public we are called to live out Prada Satchel

our faith in practical ways with intensity and intentionality. The purpose is to raise funds for anti hunger efforts providing food for soup kitchens and food pantries in the New Haven area and engaging in advocacy to reduce hunger that too many people experience.

As individuals or as members of their own congregations, they a bridge, from praying to God to doing something positive to help the community in God name. I am among them, as part of my Christian commitment and calling.

The Rev. Bonita Grubbs is executive director of Christian Community Action Inc. in New Prada Eyeglasses Mens Frames

Prada Sling Bag Small

Prada Sling Bag Small

Most of all, for people of faith, it has an eternal destination and the benefits are out of this world.

It reveals, as the second sentence from St. Augustine states, the imperative to as though everything depended on you. The message to take assertive, dedicated and specific action is unmistakable.

Prada Sling Bag Small

This bridge connects people to the role that they can play in making a difference. Prada Sunglasses For Women

People from all walks of life have participated in this event too. Concerned citizens have viewed this as way to a bridge between spending quality time with family and friends, getting some needed exercise and doing something good for others.

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Prada Sling Bag Small

Prayer is commonly the way that people of faith deal with these things. Regardless of the form, length or type, it offers everything we need, a connection with God, a sense of direction, a dose of hope, a piece of mind and a degree of strength.

Prada Sling Bag Small

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