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And next Thursday they will hold a wider public meeting at Amherst School.

"We said we wanted our school to go beyond outstanding; we wanted it to be world class.

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Dr Limbert said: "We discussed Invicta's direction in 2008 before it was given an 'outstanding' by Oftsed.

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Kent County Council estimates that more than 1,000 Sevenoaks pupils are in the thick of the daily grind to get between their homes and schools in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells.

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have achieved with the youth of Sevenoaks when we have something this good, to keep it to ourselves would just be wrong."

Invicta is currently the highest performing non super selective school in Prada Nylon Bags Images

"We're not talking about moving pupils between the Sevenoaks and Maidstone schools that would defeat the whole object.

"The arrangement would have major benefits for both schools. Back office support, for instance, would not be duplicated.

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existing selective school.

"We're only 30 minutes travelling time away," she said. "Sevenoaks will be an independent annexe, we won't be involved on a daily basis it will have its own teachers, will be a separate institution.

Invicta admits that around 90 of its pupils trudge between Sevenoaks district and its classes because of the lack of selective education in the town.

Mrs Derrick and Phil Limbert, chief exec of the trust which runs Invicta, have been in Sevenoaks this week for a series of meetings with heads from primary and secondary schools across the district, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Prada Sling Bag Red Wells, to gauge their opinions on the proposals.

A new grammar can only be established under law if it is an 'annexe' or 'satellite' of an Prada Bag Uk

"We're already a long way down the road towards being world class.

local grammar'moving ever closer

Critics of the grammar say Sevenoaks is too far away to be Invicta's 'satellite' but Mrs Derrick dismissed the claim.

"If you look at Invicta, we have 72 feeder primary schools within a 25 mile radius. We'd see Invicta at Sevenoaks with a much more local catchment area."

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"One team would deal with both schools."

Kent and is recognised as 'outstanding' by education watchdog Ofsted.

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Its annual GCSE and A level results rank it in the top one per cent of UK schools.

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Invicta has been named as that 'parent' school and is midway through an extensive public consultation as part of its bid to Government.

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Dr Limbert added: "Distance isn't an issue. Eton runs a school in Beijing which is a lot further than Sevenoaks."

"We now consider we have a moral responsibility to share what we Prada Tote Bag Nylon

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