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To be fair I can see his side of the story, its not as if he''s saying let me leave for a bigger club like berbatov did, he''s a foreign player that just isn''t enjoying living in Liverpool, if he was in a normal job he could hand in his notice and quit, he doesn''t have this luxury so he feels like he''s been forced into this situation as he has given the club 3 transfer windows to find a buyer for him

I hope Liverpool can regain that greatness, and do it without people like Mascherano.

Alan Molyneux says.

Mascherano would definitely start for Barcelona as he has twice the ability of Busquets and is far from overrated. 12mil is a complete underrating of his ability especially when Yaya is supposedly worth 24mil. Personally, I think he is the best defensive midfielder after Essien. Liverpool should have tried harder to fulfil his wishes and just let him go straight away, big players like him need to win something so they can look back on their careers and know they''ve achieved something.

Michael Antoniou (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says.

Prada Sling Bag For Man

Put yourselves in his shoes and stop looking at it through your red tinted glasses, The man wants to do right by his family, The love for the fans and the club are one thing but nothing is more important than your family its just that simple.

Prada Sling Bag For Man

Mr Hodgson, this is where you need to come out of your shell and do some talking. Set a 25M price tag on him or listen to a few player swap deals if the club cannot match the valuation. Why not ask about Pedro or Bojan??? It will only be Liverpool that suffer from all this until it is sorted, we saw last night how much we missed having Mascherano in midfield. Like most people, they will choose family over career so I dont blame Mascherano.

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Alistair Brown (Liverpool fan) says.

for sticking to his guns with Fabregas. I have a feeling Roy will do the same, as long as the club aren''t financially desperate enough to take such as derisory offer.

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saying 25, yes he can tackle but he''s not that much better than cattermole or palacious 17m tops !!!! You already have his replacement in poulson let the guy leave and avoid all the hassle that an unsettled player leaves

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Prada Sling Bag For Man

Simon Daw says. Barcas offer is half the clubs valuation and Benitez is remaining quiet, looks like Roy will have to stand firm on price and ask the board for an IOU to buy Ola Toivornen and a left back by friday. Cheers Masch!!!!!!

´╗┐Liverpool News

Prada Sling Bag For Man

He cannot quit his job like most of us can do if our family cannot settle in a new area, His current club are refusing to sell him unless the price is right for them which is very fair as he is one of the best in his position and 12 million is a total joke considering what they got for that waste of space Toure.

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If this is true, Liverpool should drop him and then take legal action. If I didn''t turn up for work I''d get the sack! This is a serious breach of contract, just like Adrian Mutu when he was taking drugs and Cheslea won a big compensation case against him.

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Mascherano wanted to leave then he should have done the decent thing and handed in a transfer request. This is the 2nd summer in a row he''s touted himself in the press to other clubs, and it shows total disrespect to LFC. When he gets his next ''dream move'' I just hope he thinks back to January 2007 when he was stuck in West Ham''s stiffs playing 2nd fiddle to Haydn Mullins!! LFC must insist on a minimum of 25m for him when he goes as there is no better player in his position anywhere.

Wish we could go back to the days of old when eleven players played every week and sweat blood and tears for their wages. Sir Tom Finney and players of his era did this for a fraction of what mediocre Premier players get paid.

David Amoo (Liverpool fan) says.

Tom Finney fan (Preston North End fan) says.

The club is leaving him with very few options as if its not sorted soon him and his family will be stuck in a country they''re not happy in until January and even then the club might decide not to sell him.

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Al Smith (Chelsea fan) says.

More recently the fantastic Liverpool side of the late seventies,I can still name the starting eleven, it took an injury for anyone to get in the team.

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On the other hand Barcelona''s offer is a bit short, the people Prada Bags Navy Blue

When are FIFA/UEFA going to do something about Barca? They have behaved disgracefully this summer, Prada Sling Bag For Man are in nearly as much debt as Man Utd, and yet are still able to get away with whatever they want! Good on Arsene Wenger Original Prada Bags Prices

Prada Sling Bag For Man

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