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The National Park Service requires that people remove all waste from the canyon, he said, so the group retained and packed out all of their trash. (Special to The Times)

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winding through the canyon in the background, John Sneed, right, stands with several members of his rafting group. (Special to The Times)

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They went hiking in the canyon several times, Prada Wallet Nylon

guys were shaken up a bit, he said.

Due to the dangerous nature of rafting the stretch of river, he said, the group attended a safety program led by the park service before they hit the water. At the program, he said, they learned how to prepare for a helicopter rescue Prada Sling Bag Blue if anyone got hurt.

As they made their way down the river, Sneed said, group members saw several condors, sheep, ravens and hummingbirds.

scenery was just unbelievable, he said.

Local spends two weeks rafting in Grand Canyon

With only the personal items he could fit into a single bag, Fort Morgan John Sneed set off with a group on a 16 day rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

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Aside from the rapids, Sneed said, the group often traveled through severe weather.

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Sneed said, and had the chance to see an ancient Pueblo Indian grain storage structure built into the canyon wall.

The group typically spent about six hours on the water and traveled about 15 miles per day, he said. (Special to The Times)

Sneed said he was thrown off the back of his boat when he misread Horn Rapid, and one of the boats in his convoy flipped at one point.

got rained on, we got hailed on, got burned by the sun, he said. only thing we didn have was snow. The group narrowly escaped a rain that hit just after they set up camp one afternoon, Sneed said, but the overcast weather was usually a welcome relief from the heat. to set up their next camp.

After cooking Prada Sunglasses Red

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dinner, washing the dishes and sitting around the campfire telling tall tales, he said, they would go to bed and rest up for the next day.

Sneed was among a group of 16 people who traveled more than 200 miles down the river on a convoy of eight rafts, he said. He left Fort Morgan on May 17 and returned June 5. (Special to The Times)

There is normally a roughly 10 year waiting list to secure a self guided tour through the canyon, he said, but several people in his group were able to pool their remaining years to make the trip earlier.

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Although the group carried a satellite phone for safety, Sneed said, the narrow canyon walls limited service to about three minutes per hour.

He said they saw several hikers, park rangers and guided tour groups along the way, but they were alone for much of the trip.

With the Colorado River Prada Crossbody Bag Black

had some people with some great experience, he said.

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Members of the group had to pack in all the food they needed for their two weeks on the river, Sneed said, and they often obtained their water from natural springs along the way. They used a filter pump and chlorine to clean the natural water, he said, and each person drank about a gallon a day.

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