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Community involvement: Zetland Lodge AF issue facing you ward: Affordability

Biggest issue facing your ward: The improperly managed growth of the city.

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List of Calgary council candidates for Ward 8

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and have worked with all levels of government.

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Evan Woolley

Three things you want to accomplish in the next term if elected: Revitalise our Communities initiative. Senior Support strategy. Traffic/transportation initiatives

Engagement Committee Prada Quilted Backpack where we developed and launched Things for Calgary.

Throughout my career I held a number of positions that are directly linked to community outreach and civic engagement. I worked in the Office of Sustainability at the City Manager office where I ran projects for the imagineCalgary Partnership, the Calgary Food Committee, the 2020 Sustainability Direction and I was also a part of the Mayor Civic Prada Sunglasses New Collection 2017

Age: 44Family: Single, Never Married, No Children

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Community involvement: I have been working for over a decade with Ward 8 communities. I am a public affairs and community engagement expert with experience in oil and gas Prada Cahier Leather Bag

Council has failed to regulate secondary suites and voted to continue the subsidization of new suburban developments. We currently facing a housing crunch, which has not been made any easier as a result of the flood. However, the failure of Council to regulate secondary suites has been felt most in the inner city communities which make up Ward 8.

Ian Newman

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I have held a variety of volunteer positions including four years as a member of the board of the Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association and five years as the transportation director for Sled Island Music and Arts Festival.

Family: Recently Engaged

Occupation: Public Affairs and Community Engagement Expert

Three things you want to accomplish Prada Glasses Frames 2017

At the same time the Ward 8 incumbent has voted to send our tax dollars out of the Ward to subsidize new suburban developments on the edges of the City. We need to keep more of our tax dollars within Ward 8 communities to adequately repair our roads, sidewalks and community centres.

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Age: 33

in the next term if elected: Get taxes under control, attract more rental properties to downtown core, seconday suites.

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