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But as a professional photographer surrounded by creative types he specializes in pictures of musicians and actors Ceaser wanted to Prada Pink Bag be creative about it. Schwartz that look vaguely like him and Prindiville at least, the male has a beard and the female wears glasses, which is about as realistic as you can expect from Muppets.

As news of this unique proposal went around, friends who couldn't be at the showing asked Ceasar to place "The Proposal" trailer on YouTube.

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He edited this down to a three minute movie trailer, complete with an MPAA ratings card, schmaltzy sound track, fake production company and story line cards ("a story about a girl, a story about a boy, who found each other").

On Sunday, Dec. 12, the two of them went with a few friends to the movies.

"You just made 99.99% of the male population look bad," wrote "RCruz121," while "HigherRung" commented, "This is a cure for cynicism."

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Prada Pink Bag

Prada Pink Bag

It's just possible that Sid Ceaser will be remembered as the guy who made the Internet stop being cynical, at least for a moment.

manager Kalenna Guzman jumped at his idea, setting up a fake movie showing to lure Prindiville, even including a fake advertising flier.

There, it quickly racked up tens of thousands of views, and drew scores of comments such as this one from somebody called Mayavina: "Awwwwww, that is just sooo sweeeet! If she doesn't marry you, I will."

All well and good, but then Ceaser went the extra mile.

He contacted Red River Theater in Concord, where Prada Bags Design

Prada Pink Bag

When the trailer was over, dozens of friends who had snuck into the back of the theater during the real trailers burst into applause and Ceaser (the human, not the Muppet) pulled out the engagement ring.

The kicker is that this "trailer" ends with the male Muppet Prada Bags And Wallets

"I knew something was up, but I didn't know what," Prindiville admitted. "When the trailers started, I thought it was going to happen after the movie was over."

pulling out a ring and asking the girl to marry him.

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"Somebody joked that we made the Internet cry," Ceaser said.

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Prada Pink Bag

Ceaser's trailer opens with the girl Muppet in their apartment reading a book that Prindiville was reading at the time, compete with her drinking mug alongside, but Prindiville didn't catch on. Then came the giveaway shot: the boy Muppet playing one of Ceaser's video games in their apartment. It was impossible not to get teary eyed.

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Ceaser put three real trailers for movies showing at the theater onto a DVD, followed by his proposal, and gave it to the projectionist.

will be informal, not to mention creative.

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"I just started bawling," Prindiville said.

He bought the right clothing "The clearance area at Babies R Us is a good place for dressing Muppets," he noted and with a couple of friends, filmed the puppet duo in their apartment, in Greeley Park and elsewhere in the area, creating scenes that either echoed the couples' lives or showed romance film cliches.

"Everybody has gotten very emotional about it," said Ceaser, contemplating the teary way family, friends and plenty of online strangers have responded to the way he proposed to longtime girlfriend Sara Prindiville.

Local man pops question in creative way

Ceaser and Prindiville met 10 years ago while they were students at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, where she now works. They've been together since then, and he recently decided it was time to pop the question.

The two are locals Ceaser is a 1993 graduate of Merrimack High School and Prindiville is a Nashuan who graduated from Bishop Guertin in 1996 and although they're still considering plans, they say they'll be married somewhere in the area in a ceremony that Prada Sunglasses 2017

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