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Living Word Christian Center

Prada Phone Price

Bachmann doesn't think Obama is anti American, loves Jesus Our favorite Republican regrets her statements on Obama and relives her "hot for jesus" fame.

Minnesota's first adoption malpractice case devastates parentsThey cut her umbilical cord. Now, she's cut off from them forever.

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Mac Hammond, Brooklyn Park mega church leader, warns that gay marriage "will silence and punish [us]"Pastor Mac Hammond the Prada Clutch

BlogsMay 6, 2011

Cellette's a guy with such an impending . More >>

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Michele Bachmann wants to be stranded on a desert island with Keith OlbermannMichele Bachmann wants to get all Swiss Family Robinson with Keith Olbermann. Olbermann has named Michele Bachmann Prada Wallet Black

Living Word megachurch sues to keep Ponzi donations Cellette may be a convicted Ponzi schemer who rooked investors out of $53 million, but Living Word Christian Center megachurch says the $2.2 million in donations it received from the crook shouldn't be used to pay back the victims of his crime.

Prada Phone Price

Prada Phone Price

FeatureMarch 12, 2008

BlogsMay 14, 2010

NewsOctober 22, 2008

BlogsNovember 30, 2010

Prada Phone Price

NewsDecember 13, 2006

Prada Phone Price

the "Worst Person In The Prada Phone Price World" over and over, but given the choice she says she'd rather take him with her to a desert island any day than Rachel Maddow or Chris "Tingly Fe . More >>

Are You Clubbing with Me, Jesus?Inside Pastor Mac's downtown Christian nightspot

BlogsOctober 22, 2008

Weekend Checklist: Slightly Stoopid, Tex Pistols, Sugarland, Prada Glasses Women

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BlogsSeptember 29, 2010

NewsDecember 13, 2006

Get Rich with GodPastor Mac Hammond's suburban megachurch preaches heavenly financial rewards in the here and now if you've got the faith to give till it hurts

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Brooklyn Park mega church leader, Michele Bachmann supporter, private plane flyer, and IRS facer offer is worried about how same sex marriage will affect his followers. More >>

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Mac Hammond's Living Word church faces off with the IRSIt's politics vs. the pulpit in Brooklyn Park

Mac Hammond's megachurch will give back some Ponzi cashGerard Cellette donated millions to Living Word Christian Center. preacher Mac Hammond's Living Word Christian Center megachurch has concluded that it can't make the legal case for holding onto a multimillion dollar donation from a Ponzi schemer, and it's time to render unto Caesar.

Prada Phone Price

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