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Prada Nylon Shopping Tote

"I don't know yet; I haven't looked into it. I haven't decided yet," said Danielle Bolden with a laugh while daughter, Natasha, started cheering about no school on Monday.

jobs? I think they need to keep negotiating get a mediator in there but get back to school; solve the problem."

"It sucks for kids but they've got to do what they've got to do," said Cheryl Fletcher. "The two sides have got to come up with something. They've got to make an agreement. It gets to the point where something rash has to happen, I guess."

"I had a strike when I was in school," said Dan Geen. "It was fun for me but yeah, it's going to be hard on people, parents, for sure. Everyone has to work."

Prada Nylon Shopping Tote

Prada Nylon Shopping Tote

Other jurisdictions negotiate without government meddling, but the employers association knows the government is pulling the strings behind a curtain just like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz, she said.

Jen Wall added: "I think it's a disgrace and maybe they should try doing their damn jobs. You get paid to do a job; do it. Leave our kids out of it. We're working parents and how are we supposed to do our Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware

The Central Okanagan and Vernon school districts sent out mirror news releases late Thursday telling parents and caregivers there will be no classes, no busing, urging them to keep children at home or in daycare, and advising them there will be no instruction, only supervision of any children who arrive at school Monday through Wednesday. At least one private school in Kelowna is offering daycare and an alternative to public schools.

Parent Tabetha Smeeton is also "not too happy" about the strike. She provides day care in her home so considers herself lucky.

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With spring break only a few days away, the rest of the year is in jeopardy, he said.

His friends are putting the word out on Facebook and Twitter looking for child care, he said. "The two sides just need to really get together and focus on getting this resolved."

Although teachers argue "it's about the kids," they lost his support when they asked for a 15 per cent raise. That and the timing just before spring break, he said.

"I'd just rather him (her son) be able to be in school, be learning and be where he's supposed to be for the day. It kind of sucks for the kids. I wish there was a different way for them (the two sides) to go about it."


"I hate the strike. In my opinion, it's two kids in a sandbox the government and the BCTF trying to win a fight," said Rob Evans.

"Luckily, I'm on disability so I don't have to worry about childcare. But I know there's a lot of friends out there who are worrying about childcare, especially friends that work full time."

Teachers' Association.

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That means no picketing in front of schools. Principals, vice principals, non union staff, CUPE members and any students who show up will be able to enter the 42 schools unimpeded. Teachers from each school will be walking nearby during school hours handing out brochures to those who pass by.

Little sympathy from parents for teachers strike

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"If you have children in older grades, the rest of their year is shot. And they've got to repeat it next year because of the teachers? I don't think it's fair. I've got a daughter in Dr. Knox and she's worried about the rest of the year. It's Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag

"I think the kids suffer and I don't think that's fair," said grandparent Helen Jennens. "We make the kids pay. It is political."

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"It's a strike with no teeth," said Rees, since it's a symbolic show of frustration with the provincial government. "Teachers get blamed all the time yet we've done everything we can to negotiate with big government."

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Central Okanagan teachers are skipping classes for Prada Nylon Shopping Tote three days starting Monday, but they won't be picketing. Teachers' Federation guidelines, said Alice Rees, president of the Central Okanagan Prada Sunglasses Original

"I'm a stay at home mom so it works for me. I'm probably going to be helping somebody else too."

Matheson Elementary on Thursday afternoon.

"They (teachers) get a lot of time off, the days are getting shorter and kids are learning less. Society is changing, right?" said parent Paul Boychuk.

Prada Nylon Shopping Tote

Prada Nylon Shopping Tote

Prada Nylon Shopping Tote

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