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editorials and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving and so forth."

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"I was in the hospital for two months. They guy that hit us that was a drunk driver was killed and so was my girlfriend," she said.

Local Politician Votes No to Tougher DUI Laws

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One thing both Schneider and Olbrantz will agree on is the bill's intention Brown Prada Wallet

"This is going to cost taxpayers a huge amount of money for extra jail time because it goes from 30 to 45 days for the amount of time people will spend in jail, and that's going to put a burden on every county," Rep. Schneider said.

Olbrantz says the Legislature is taking baby steps in the right direction.

Schnedier says this bill won't do much to solve the drinking problem, yet he's not surprised his colleagues voted yes.

key but let people in that position get help."

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Prada Mens Wallet Blue

It also requires ignition interlocks for all repeat drunken drivers and for first time offenders with blood alcohol levels of .15 and above.

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"I know the pressures are there. Especially in Wausau you had the group of kids getting all riled up in the newspaper and the Prada Wallet Ladies

"There are some treatment modalities because for some people getting drunk and irresponsible is one thing but for others its a sickness," Schneider said."Don't just throw them in jail and throw away the Pouch Prada

The bill makes fourth, rather than fifth offense drunk driving a felony.

All other first drunk driving offenses would remain traffic Prada Mens Wallet Blue citations.

to provide more treatment for offenders.

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Prada Mens Wallet Blue

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Mothers like Peggy Olbrantz, who was hit by a drunk driver 35 years ago.

It makes first offense drunk driving a misdemeanor if child younger than 16 is in the vehicle.

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