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Schroeder was riding about 300 feet behind Stoakley, coming down a hill, when Stoakley heard the crash.

Dunbar roads. Stoakley said gave him directions to the scene then bicycled back to be with Schroeder.

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Schroeder has been a member of the fire department for approximately 20 years and has been president of the local firefighter association for approximately five years. He is under the command of Captain Mark Diminie. we were informed that Acting Captain Schroeder had been injured doing some mountain biking through Northumberland Forest," Diminie said.

Acting Captain Kevin Schroeder was riding with a mountain bike with Scott Stoakley along the trails off Beagle Club Road on Monday morning when the mishap occurred.

After placing him on a backboard and onto a stokes basket, the firefighters decided it would be better if they carried Schroeder to the ambulance rather than place him on the off road vehicle for the ride.

Diminie said his fellow firefighter is a "valued member of the fire department."

Firefighters and Stoakley took turns carrying Schroeder out on a backboard over nearly two kilometres.

"They were amazing. They had what to do right down."

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"He just said he was coming down the hill and hit a tree" approximately two kilometres from the roadway, Stoakley said.

"The first thing we think about is his health, his wife and children. Our concerns definitely go out to them."

"When I went back to him I said, it bad? and Kevin said, I think so. You better call 9 1 1. So I did."

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Schroeder was taken to Northumberland Hills Hospital and was later transferred to Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto.

"I didn want to because I figured he would go into shock," Stoakley said.

At every fire department the men and women will say they consider themselves a family. The Cobourg Fire Department is no different.

Stoakley who has been an avid road and trail bicycle rider for 15 years, spoke with Northumberland Today and said it Red Prada Bag Leather

Northumberland Forest on Monday.

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Northumberland Emergency Services and the Alnwick Haldimand Township Fire Department arrived a short time later.

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was the first time the two Prada Men Handbag were riding together.

"We didn want to jostle him around," one firefighter said.

For the last several years Schroeder has taken part in the swim across Rice Lake to raise funds for Jessie Journey for Muscular Dystrophy.

Texting from his bed, Schroeder told Northumberland Today it will be a "long road back."

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A Cobourg firefighter was seriously injured while riding a riding a bicycle through Prada Bags Saffiano

With emergency services on their way, Stoakley knew he had to meet them by the road. The hardest part was leaving Schroeder alone.

"We consider ourselves a family. When you work with the guys all day and all night seven days a week you become very close, Diminie said. like any family you have good times and bad times, but when somebody is hurt or needs help, we will definitely be there for Kevin and his family."

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"He is approximately 185 pounds. After taking turns carrying him out on the stretcher, by the end he felt like he was 400 pounds," said Stoakley, who had his praise for the firefighters.

"He definitely likes to reach out and help other people so it hard when you see somebody like that does get injured, Diminie said.

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It believed Schroeder went over the handlebars and struck a tree.

The cyclist met up with a firefighter who was first to arrive at Beagle Club and Prada Eyeglasses Pr 16tv

Local firefighter hurt in biking accident

Firefighters used a Gator (off road vehicle) to the accident site. Schroeder, who had been wearing a helmet, remained conscious.

He did not sustain any paralysis but has a broken bone in his neck, injuries to his lower back and four broken ribs.

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