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list of Washington mudslide missing drops dramatically

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"Rescuers are not always making full recoveries," he said. "Often, they are making partial recoveries."

More than a week after the slide destroyed a mountainside community north of Seattle, crews using heavy machinery and their bare hands continued their work.

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"People all over stopped work all searchers in honor of that moment," Mason said.

that had been dulled by rocks and dirt.

A week later, only local volunteers are being allowed to help rescuers.

All work on the debris field halted briefly Saturday for a moment of silence to Prada Iphone 7 Plus Case honor those lost. Gov.

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Personal items, both large and small, are also discovered in wreckage.


"What we found out here is everything from pictures to gun safes," said Snohomish County Fire District 1 battalion chief Steve Mason.

Joe Wright from Darrington set up his tool sharpening operation near the firehouse. He's been busy. In a little more than a day, he estimated he had sharpened more than 150 chains on chain saws Prada Blue Backpack

"He was a giant man with a giant laugh," Kellie Howe said of Farnes. Howe became friends with him when he moved to the area from Alaska. She said Adam Farnes was the kind of guy who would come into your house and help you do the dishes.

"We go all the way to the dirt," he said.

An American flag had been run up a tree and then down to half staff at the debris site, he said.

Also on Saturday, the official death toll of victims identified by the medical examiner increased by one, to 18, said Jason Biermann, program manager at the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management. history, Biermann said crews are not always discovering complete remains.

Rescuers have given a cursory look at the entire debris field 55 miles northeast of Seattle, said Steve Harris, division supervisor for the eastern incident management team. They are now sifting through the rest of the fragments, looking for places where dogs should give extra attention. Only "a very small percentage" has received the more thorough examination, he said.

bass guitar, she said, and had worked as a telephone lineman and a 911 dispatcher.

Dan Rankin, mayor of the nearby logging town of Darrington, said the community had been "changed forevermore."

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The huge wall of earth that crashed into the collection of homes followed weeks of heavy Prada Bags Original Price

Commanders are making sure people have the right gear to stay safe in the rain and potentially hazardous materials, and they're keeping a close eye on the level of the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River to be sure nobody is trapped by rising water.

Officials previously said they expected that figure to go down as they worked to find people safe and cross referenced a "fluid" list that likely included partial reports and duplicates.

At the debris site Saturday, Mason, the battalion chief, said teams first do a hasty search of any wreckage of homes they find. If nothing is immediately discovered, they do a more detailed forensic search.

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Among the dozens of missing are Adam Farnes and his mother, Julie.

Adam Farnes also played the banjo, drums and Prada Canvas Bag

"He loved his music loud," she said.

The items that would later be cleaned, sorted and hopefully returned to families.

"It's going to take a long time to heal, and the likelihood is we will probably never be whole," he said.

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