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"Through research we were able to prove that management tries to suppress wages, and not for any other reason than to increase profits," Brown said. "I think it's a great victory for the nurses. "

and St. Peter's Health with sharing confidential registered nurse wage information.

The suit, brought against five hospitals, alleged that administrators conspired to keep wages for nurses artificially low during a period ranging from 2002 through 2006.

Nurses at five hospitals across the Capital District are getting something extra Prada Bag Fall 2017

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This settlement affects approximately 3,200 registered nurses in the area. Each is expected to receive a check for $1,732.00.

Despite 199SEIU's pivotal role in joining the suit, almost all the nurses affected by the wage fixing were not union members.

The suit charged Albany Medical Center Hospital, Ellis Health, Northeast Health, Seton Health (St. Mary's Hospital) Prada Bags Saffiano Tote

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

He said the suit, and the eventual settlement, "put employers on notice that they will be held accountable to nurses, caregivers, communities and patients."

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Brown said the suit's outcome is a victory for quality health care.

"Laying the foundation for this class Prada Iphone 7 Case action lawsuit was part of our role as industry watchdogs and leading patient advocates," said George Gresham, president of 1199SEIU.

Local hospital nurses victorious in class

"The last holdout was Ellis Hospital, most of the others settled by 2011," according to Lisa Brown, executive vice president at 1199SEIU.

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

this pay period, after a settlement was reached in a lawsuit that alleged wage fixing by administrators.

"Proper wages allows for the recruitment and retention of quality nurses," she said." And that translates to better health care overall."

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

Prada Iphone 7 Case

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