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Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Handbags Crossbody

"That doesn't mean I want to turn them all into engineers, it means I want them to really see science, technology, engineering and mathematics as an empowering, exciting field that they'll keep their fingers Women Bags Prada

They also getting help from Archbishop Carroll High School robotics team, which Prada Wallet Pink

Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Handbags Crossbody

And by engaging the girls piece by piece, Prada Eyeglasses For Men


"There's still a lot of societal pressure to not be in the sciences," says Cori Lathan.

"It's really exciting and I'm proud of myself when I get to make the robot do something," says 10 year old Gabrielle Johnson.

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happens to be coached by Lathan mother.

she's hoping to change that:

Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Handbags Crossbody

"We're going to competition and each kid gets to drive our robot," says 10 year old Lindsey Lathan.

"We're helping them make their own engineers' notebook, helping them build and helping them program," says Anna Marie Otor, a ninth grader at Archbishop Carroll High School.

Local engineer helps young girls build robots

Their coach is Cori Lathan, an engineer who builds robots for a living.

"We're particularly interested in robotics and smart devices and how those can be used for biomedical applications like surgical simulators or measuring brain vitals," she explains.

"I think it's really cool because lots of kids like to play with robots and remote controls so it's really cool to see how they're made," says 10 year Prada Handbags Crossbody old Nora Farahat.

Lathan says it important to show youth particularly girls just how much fun math and science can be.

The students say she sparked their interest by showing them robots that she has built, and by teaching them how to build their own.

Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Handbags Crossbody

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