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Prada Handbag Photos

Prada Handbag Photos

Prada Handbag Photos

Living above and beyond Cerebral Palsy

"I didn want to be known as the sailor with C P I wanted to be judged my ability not my disability," says Quinn. But during the initial physical it became apparent something was off.

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"Every case is different, unique to the individual and I fortunate to have a relatively mild case," says Quinn. Still the disconnect between his brain and his muscles makes every movement harder.

Prada Handbag Photos

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"I can say it gets better but you can manage it," says Quinn. Quinn struggles didn end with his enlistment in the Navy. He battled depression, alcoholism and heartbreak all things he talks about in his book. He works as a motivational speaker and constant inspiration to not only to those with disabilities but to anyone who keeps their dream alive. The audio version of the book will be released May 15th.

says Quinn.

"When I decided to join I think my parents crossed their fingers and said good luck." At first it didn go as well as he had hoped. He started by lying to recruiters, hiding the fact that he had Cerebral Palsy.

most people ember from their MEPS training is the "duck walk," and it was the one thing Quinn couldn fake. It was a struggle for Quinn to get into the position and once he did, he just fell over and failed the military physical. He went home devastated, but not defeated, he immediately started training his muscles to perform better and eventually do the duck walk. Endless laps around the basement of his parents home he molded himself into a Chief Petty Officer.

Prada Handbag Photos

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Prada Handbag Photos

PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) A pickup truck crashed into a children clothing store in suburban West Palm Beach Monday afternoon. The book titled "Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy," was released earlier this year and the audio book will be released May 15.

Prada Handbag Photos

He was one of eight children but his struggle was all his own. His parents didn want him treated any different, and he wasn I fell, my parents didn run over to pick me up, they wanted to see if I would get up on my own," said Quinn.

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"I say the future is unwritten and I living proof of that," Prada Handbags India

Despite his so called disadvantage he would follow in his brothers footsteps and join the United States Navy.

In the book, Quinn talks about his quest to be judged on his "ability, not his disability." Quinn far surpassed any expectations by rising to the ranks of Chief Petty Officer while keeping his condition a secret the whole time.

"If someone has a mild impairment obviously it can be difficult to join the navy but it is possible this gentleman overcame quite a bit," said developmental disabilities expert at University of Arizona Medial Center Dr James Kerwin.

Truck crashes into Prada Handbag Photos clothing store then drives offTruck crashes into clothing store then drives off

Growing up he spent years in physical therapy, wearing corrective shoes and eye patches to help his alignment.

Prada Handbag Photos

Prada Handbag Photos

Prada Handbag Photos

Students at North Carolina State University invented a nail polish that changes color when it comes in contact with a date rape drug.

Prada Handbag Photos

Prada Handbag Photos

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