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Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones

Liver Function Test LFT

When liver cells are damaged or destroyed, the enzymes in the cells leak out into the blood, where they can be measured by blood tests. Liver tests check the blood for two main liver enzymes:

Alkaline phosphatase5' nucleotidaseGamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)Liver tests may check for any or all of these enzymes in the blood. Alkaline phosphatase is by far the most commonly tested of the three.

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that can harm the liverYou have liver diseaseYou have symptoms of liver or bile system disease (abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, or yellow skin)You drink alcohol excessivelyLiver tests may be done together in a panel or tested separately.

Liver Enzyme Tests: Alkaline Phosphatase, 5' Nucleotidase, and GGTAnother of the liver's key functions is the production of bile, which helps digest fat. Bile flows through the liver in a system of small tubes (ducts), and is eventually stored in the gallbladder, under the liver.

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Note: Some citations in the text of this section are followed by a level of evidence. The PDQ editorial boards use a formal ranking system to help the Prada Wallet Small

Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones

Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones

Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones

Liver Enzyme Tests: ALT and ASTThe liver filters and processes blood as it circulates through the body. It metabolizes nutrients, detoxifies harmful substances, makes blood clotting proteins, and performs many other vital functions. The cells in the liver contain proteins called enzymes that drive these chemical reactions.

reader judge the strength of evidence linked to the reported results of a therapeutic strategy. Many doctors check the liver in new patients or during annual physicals.

Aspartate aminotransferase (AST), formerly called SGOT.

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5' nucleotidase and GGT are elevated, a problem with bile flow is most likely present. Bile flow problems can be due to a problem in Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones the liver, the gallbladder, or the tubes connecting them.

You are taking a medication Prada Double Bag

If alkaline phosphatase and/or Prada Eyeglasses For Men

When bile flow is slow or blocked, blood levels of certain liver enzymes rise:

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Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones

Prada Eyeglasses Rhinestones

Your doctor may conduct liver enzyme and liver function tests if:

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