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Brandon Shaffer, D Longmont, speaks with the Lorenzini family from Brush at the Morgan County Democrats' fall dinner Friday night at First Christian Church. Rep. Cory Gardner in Congressional Prada Sunglasses Womens 2017

Local Democratic Party faithful of all ages attend fall dinner

Shaffer came to Morgan County to introduce himself and drum up local support for his CD 4 candidacy. Naval officer, a husband, a father, a lawyer and a state senator.

"Solving problems is my focus," Shaffer said. They're out there to use the problems."

Shaffer said he knew she wasn't referring to a direction on a map, which drew laughs from the crowd, but to a "higher value system, a way of life."

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Texas and it's surely not New York City," he said. "When we need to we can put our differences aside, roll up our sleeves and get things done. We can move mountains."

"I wasn't supposed to win," he said. "But I took my message of Colorado solutions to people's doors."

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Heath was out east to talk in support of Proposition 103, a statewide ballot issue in this November's election.

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A wide range of ages of Democrats was represented Friday night at the Morgan County Democrats' annual fall dinner, held at First Christian Church.

Shaffer was in Fort Morgan to talk about his likely candidacy for Congressional District 4. Rep. Cory Gardner in the 2012 election.

They came to support their local political party, share a meal and hear from the speakers, State Senate Pres. Brandon Shaffer, D Longmont, and State Sen. Rollie Heath, D Boulder.

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The statutory issue would raise taxes to the levels they were at in 1990 to pay for K 12 and higher education.

"I always knew I was coming back to Colorado," he said. "So I got involved."

He said he loves connecting with people and that he feels the same environment now as when he first ran in 2004.

The local Democrats also held a live auction at the end of the event to help support party actions in Morgan County.

Shaffer first ran for office seven years ago.

"I love this state, this nation, too much to stand on the sidelines," Shaffer said.

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Shaffer said that he learned all about solving problems from growing up in Colorado, where he went to the same high school as both his mother and grandmother. He said he worked his way through college on an ROTC scholarship, then joined the Navy and served as a navigator on destroyers in the Persian Gulf. While in the Navy, he met his wife.

"Always remember that this is the West," she told him.

In the State Senate, Shaffer has helped build consensuses as the Senate president and has been involved with balancing the state budget under three governors: Bill Owens, Bill Ritter and John Hickenlooper.

He said he had asked his 92 year old now late grandmother for advice about running for office several years ago.

"Cory and I went to law school together and graduated the Prada Backpack Pink

District 4 depending upon the final redistricting map the Colorado Supreme Court approves, was the keynote speaker at the dinner.

Eunice Wahlert, left, and Jacqueline Dreiling look over items up for auction at the Morgan County Democrats' fall dinner Friday at First Christian Church. Dreiling, who is the local party's first chair, filled in as host at the event for Pres. Paul Wiese, also a deputy district attorney, who was at the Morgan County Justice Center awaiting a jury's verdict and had to miss the dinner.

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Auctioneers and Morgan County Democrats Jerry Tumbo, left, and Cliff Garver pull items out of a basket to be auctioned off to tell the crowd what they would be bidding on during the live auction at the Morgan County Democrats' fall dinner Friday night at First Christian Church. They items auctioned off included food, candles, bath soaps, a computer monitor, collectible figurines and luggage.

same year," Shaffer said. "Cory went to work for a senator in Washington. I worked for a law firm in Longmont."

He also pointed out differences between himself and his former law school classmate, Garder.

"This isn't California, it's not Prada Tote Bag

He said during his time as the CD 4 representative, Gardner has voted to "gut Medicare in Colorado" and Prada Eyeglasses Pr 11rv to "dismantle every safety net system in this country."

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