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"I think they've done a great job of keeping the kids motivated."

players showed up for Lopez's opening week of practice. The Lobos lost some players at skill positions, particularly some fullbacks. But for the most part, a large chunk of the team returns from last year's 4 6 squad, 3 5 in district.

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It's hot during one of Lopez's recent practices, and the players, naturally, grow tired during the second of two a day practices.

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After practice last week, players were treated to pizza and a movie. It's the type of activities that some players believe could help strengthen relationships.

and expectations. He prefers to stay in the moment.

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Perhaps just as important as anything this season, Starkey said he was hoping his team could establish some Prada Eyeglasses Green consistency. He doesn't doubt their ability to play at a high level. He said he's seen the program boast talented players over the past couple of years, and, overall, they've played at a high level for stretches.

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It's Starkey's first camp as the team's head coach, but one would hardly know. He's spent the past two years as the offensive coordinator, and feels well prepared Prada Sunglasses Classic

It goes in line, too, with his "one day at a time" mantra. Starkey didn't want to delve too far into the future, in terms of long term goals Prada Bags On Sale Outlet

"I know what it's like to be in the middle of training camp and you put on pads and you're sore and the coaches are yelling at you and asking a lot of you," he said. "We've experienced that, but that's common in our sport. But we have a lot of young coaches, and older coaches, who have a lot of energy and the kids really feel off of that.

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In April, Starkey took over for the departing Mike Ramirez, who spent seven seasons at the helm. Starkey had the interim tag for about one month until the BISD Board of Trustees moved to promote him.

"But we've just never been able to perform consistently," he said.

Entering his first campaign in charge, Starkey tries to deflect attention. He understands he could be one of the storylines entering the season, but the former college and NFL player diverts praise.

for the job.

As with any new coach taking over, the program has changed some of its philosophies, on and off the field. However subtle or simple it may appear, the players have taken notice.

Jason Starkey can reel off an endless list of names. He can state their position, years in the program and their strengths and weaknesses. He knows what certain players are capable of contributing, and has a good grasp of who may play vital roles for the Lobos this season.

"I'm thinking about anything other than what we've got to do today to be ready to compete Aug. 31 in La Joya," he said. "That's all you'll hear us talk about, that's all you'll hear me talk about.

Offensively, Starkey expects the basic principles to remain the same.

Lobos prepared to start anew with first

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"I think we're definitely ready and poised to compete at a high level," he said.

"We're probably more together right now at this point (of the season) than we were last year," third year varsity player Jonathan Quezada said. "We focus a lot on character and family, and (the activities) helps us because we're together. It helps unify us and work as one on the field."

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Starkey retained much of the same staff that had been in place under Ramirez. He filled in a couple spots, and feels confident about the assistants working with him. It's part of the reason why Starkey feels at ease in his first camp.

It all come backs, he said, to their commitment level. "Win," in Starkey's view, is an acronym for "What's Important Now." It's the one philosophy he's pushed on his players and coaches to be conscious that the decisions they make will dictate how successful or not they are in the future.

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