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At the end of three rounds and a few minutes of judges' deliberation, Lucia's hand was raised as victor as his coaches lifted him up in celebration.

victor was Newhof, who came into the cage undefeated with a record of 3 0 and left the fight 4 0, forcing Mcomie to tap out of a chokehold. The fighters tapped gloves and in what seemed like a blink of an eye Newhof had Mcomie on the ground, and he didn't get back up until the fight was over and the bell ending the round rang.

The last fight of the evening, the "Main Event" for the Ink'd out vs. the World Champion title, was between Brad Newhof, representing Submit You in the red corner, and Matt Mcomi, representing War Horse in the blue corner.

Finally after three grueling rounds, the fighters paced the cage, regaining composure and breath as the crowd anxiously waited on the judges to make a decision that seemed unclear to some, before finally giving the title belt to Garcia in hard earned win.

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Local fighters take victory in MMA debuts at home

The fifth fight of the night was scratched, naming the fourth local fighter from Fort Morgan and representing Ink'd Out Gym Luis Vasquez the winner by default. His opponent Michael Gonzales representing AKA was MIA during the weigh ins forfeiting the win to Vasquez who missed his chance to make his MMA debut in front of a home crowd. His debut has been pushed out to further to a fight in Loveland, Colorado where the tickets for the Ink'd out vs the World fights will be honored for those who want to see Vasquez in his debut fight.

Lujan surged through his MMA debut with energy and skill, making the fights now two for two for the local fighters.

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"I want to thank Fort Morgan and Brush for coming out to watch me fight and to thank my coaches and gym," said Padilla after his astonishing display of skill in such a quick win. This Victory now makes the local fighters 3 0 in fights as the crowd gets louder and louder as the night progressed with each fight that stepped in the cage.

Janec looked nervous almost stepping into the cage for his first fight and in the 265 lb weight division, but soon after the bell of the first round they danced, and Janec took Hiser to the floor for a TKO.

Local fighters at the mixed martial arts fights this past weekend made a name for themselves against the world.

Maria only needed two rounds out of the three to finish off her opponent in Prada Bag Red Lining

a blaze of energy and adrenaline. Finishing the first round in time, and then forcing Hutchinson into submission in the second round early, the ref had to pull Maria back into reality, where it seemed as if she was only getting started. (Veronica Ivey / Fort Morgan Times)

She started off the fights with an exciting opener for the local fighters, the fighters making their debuts in the cage and the crowd.

I'm so excited and ready, I could go 10 more rounds," said Maria right after the raised her hand as victor.

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Fight 6 named Eric Johnson, representing Freedom Fighters, the winner in 1:55 seconds with just one round. Johnson was making his MMA debut against opponent Jesse Plunkard, representing Xtreme MMA. Johnson won with a triangular submission hold.

This hyped up big fight in the 185 lb. weight division ended in 38 seconds flat.

The third fight of the evening was Junior Brungardt, representing Art of War in the red corner, and Chris Lucia, representing Childs Play in the blue corner.

The next title fight in the 170 lb division had the crowd teetering on their seats as they watched the favorite, Alsonso Garcia, representing Grudge in the red corner, scrap the title from his opponent, Cruz Soltero, representing May Tec in the blue corner.

The fourth fight of the evening was in the 125lb weight division for men. This fight brought the crowd back home with Ruben Padilla, a local who also trains out of Top Knotch gym in Greeley. Padilla ended this fight quick forcing his oppenent to tap out in the first round.

Lujan fought out of the blue corner and tore his opponent to pieces in Prada Eyeglasses Case three rounds. He went up against Daniel Huehn, representing Colorado MMA in the red corner.

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Both fighters fought in holds showcasing their strength and endurance, while fighting through fatigue and pain in the cages.

The second fight of the night was also a local, Fred Lujan, who was born and raised in Fort Morgan, but who trains out of the Top Knotch gym in Greeley.

"I had him on the ground. and then all of a sudden training kicked in and then there you have this was more than I expected out of my first fight," Prada Pouch Men

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Lucia came out on top after three rounds of grueling floor grapples, making this the first fight to shed blood on mat.

said Johnson.

"I came to fight, I want to fight, and I don't quit," said Vasquez.

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The Title fights began with only three remaining matches for the evening, with Toby Lopez, representing Xtreme MMA in the blue corner, named banner weight champion, two minutes and six seconds, against opponent Mark McGlasson, representing Art of War in the red corner.

The fifth fight of the evening was after an intermission and definitely brought the crowd back into the cage, with TKO in just more than two minutes. Tibor Janec, fighting in the red corner representing Freedom Fighters and making his MMA debut at just 18 years old, won his fight in just more than two minutes against Tony Hiser in the blue corner, representing Colorado MMA.

This fight was a grueling scrap of a fight, with both fighters punching through fatigue and refusing to let go or quit.

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Laura Maria from Fort Morgan, who trained in Ink'd Out gym, made her debut in the cage fight opener in the red corner against Lyndsey Hutchinson, who was fighting for Vegas out of the blue corner.

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