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Addiewell is Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses run by private firm Kalyx. A spokesman for the firm said: "We take such matters seriously and as a result of the information we have received we will be launching an investigation immediately."

The 28 year old, who says he loves the Kray twins, the film Scarface and Celtic, even updated his site yesterday (Wednesday) morning as he celebrated his team's victory in the Old Firm match on Tuesday.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

in November 2008, has been talking to his friends for the past month after somehow getting his hands on a smuggled mobile phone.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

"It's concerning that he is Prada Phone Case Iphone 6

Murray, who describes himself as a "lost soul", says he needs an "instruction manual to life" and has learned from the "bad times" so he can appreciate "da good times".

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

"I contacted the police and they didn't seem too bothered about it. They told me it was a matter for the prison service.

The concerned woman, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said she found chilling several of the messages left and was worried how the con had such ready access to the internet.

And a worried parent contacted the Courier after coming across the site and seeing references to Alan Hunter who was killed in Whitburn a fortnight ago.

Livingstone prisoner has bebo page

"If he hadn't been inside I don't think I would have been bothered by it but some of the stuff is a bit chilling and close to the knuckle."

They said: "I don't know how he is on my Prada Bag Women

able to access the internet and a phone from his cell to have chats with his friends.

"I didn't really look at his page but I saw a comment about him being inside and that worried me. He was bragging to mates about when he was getting out.

One comment, purported to have come from Alan's father, read: "It's Alan's dad using Lisa's Bebo. Never met you but heard all about you from Alan. Police now have three bds at court on Monday. I hope they get put beside you. Do me a favour mate, cheers."

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: "Possession of a mobile phone is against prison rules and information of this kind will be followed up and an investigation will be started immediately."

Murray, who appears to have been a friend of the tragic 25 year old, is kept up to date with the latest developments in the case.

A PRISONER from Livingston is keeping in touch with life on the outside through internet site Bebo from his Addiewell Prison cell.

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

page. He must be a friend of a friend and added me that way.

Graham Murray, from Dedridge, believed to have been jailed for assault to severe injury Prada Phone Wallet

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada Double Bridge Sunglasses

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