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Prada Double Bag Sizes

Local couple transforms grange for child care

Prada Double Bag Sizes

Prada Double Bag Sizes

Prada Double Bag Sizes

After maintaining the property of the former Mattabasset Grange building on Butternut Street for several years, John and Amy Milardo decided to purchase the building and Home on the Grange Childcare Center was born.

Prada Double Bag Sizes

Prada Double Bag Sizes

In addition to the preschool, the couple offers childcare for children 6 weeks to 5 years old as well as before and after school care. They employ eight state licensed teachers with two more coming on staff soon. Their enrollment since opening in October has gone from six children to 30.

"A lot of people have asked me why I didn't lower the ceilings or build classrooms, but kids need brightness, space, and things to look at, so we kept it wide open," Amy explained.

When it came to naming their new business, the couple felt strongly about the farm theme.

Prada Double Bag Sizes

Artist Julie Nearing, a co worker of John's, came Prada Bag Maroon

in and under the couple's direction, painted large colorful murals on the walls, accentuating the original architecture of the building.

transformed into Amy's office, giving the owner a birds eye view of the entire center.

with an aging membership, was enthusiastic Prada Double Bag Sizes about the idea.

Then after caring for the property for five years, the couple decided to see about buying it. John, who works for the state, renovated the building himself with the idea of leasing it for condominiums. All the while Amy, who was providing day care out of her home for family members, frequently suggested that the building would make a perfect day care center.

Prada Double Bag Sizes

Prada Double Bag Sizes

The couple, who lives next door to the property that had been unoccupied for 20 years, could see it deteriorating and offered to groom the lawns. The Grange, Prada Double Tote

The couple expanded the original footprint to include an area for infants and a restroom, complete with four child size toilets.

Prada Double Bag Sizes

Prada Double Bag Sizes

In what used to be the main meeting hall of the building, the preschool for 3 and 4 year olds is broken up into two classrooms. Where stain glassed windows, which were too old and brittle to preserve, used to be is a bright, colorful mural depicting three farm animals peeking out of barn doors. The names of the couple's three children adorn the barn stalls.

"I didn't want the history of the building to be forgotten," Amy said.

The center is divided by 4 foot walls into different areas. There is an area for toddlers 14 months to 2 years, with the room for 2 year olds adjacent to it. This area was formerly used for performances, with the stage area now Prada Bags New

Eventually John agreed with his wife and work began to transform the building, which was built in 1873 as the Episcopal All Saints Mission Chapel, into a state of the art childcare center.

Prada Double Bag Sizes

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