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domestic users and our agriculture industry.

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Local politicians have their say on water plan defeat

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We have also met recently with the Bill Bennett, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Prada Fairy Bag

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the only water district to have costly upgrades planned and/or underway.

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Can SEKID continue to make required upgrades to their system after the initial work has been done?

The quality of drinking water in Kelowna is not a new issue. The Kelowna Joint Water Committee was working on water upgrade problems when I was a member of the committee from 2008 to 2011.

We remain committed to a solution that provides high quality and affordable water for our Prada Cahier Bags

Perhaps the most pointed question should be, does Kelowna really need five separate water purveyors? SEKID is not Prada Bag Canvas

who is supportive of the need to find an equitable solution.

If so, the government needs to ask some serious questions before doling out cash to water purveyors as an election goodie. For instance, will the proposed upgrades satisfy Interior Health or will more costly work be necessary before standards are met?

I'd like to make some comments regarding the SEKID's reverse referendum results pertaining to the costs associated with their proposed water upgrades. Homeowners in the SEKID area voted overwhelmingly against borrowing millions of dollars for water upgrades.

Just because one proposal was defeated, doesn't mean the process ends there. The province will continue to work with SEKID until they arrive at a decision that works for everyone.

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We need a government that spends our money prudently and respects the taxpayers' contribution to this province. We don't need a government that will try to buy your vote just before the election.

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irrigation districts, and the City of Kelowna to review options, and work towards an approach to address the highest priority needs. This included jointly finding a mechanism and approach that would allow irrigation districts to be eligible for funding when it may become available. This will mean coming back with an alternate proposal with a different funding schedule.

Is the looming election the reason there might be money for these upgrades now?

Does SEKID have a Prada Cosmetic Pouch With Strap large enough consumer base to fund such upgrades?

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I participated in two submissions to the provincial finance committee outlining the high cost associated with bringing all of Kelowna up to the Canadian Drinking Water Standards and we asked for cost sharing of these expenses.

Water upgrade costs should be shared locally, provincially and federally. However, water governance questions should be discussed and resolved locally and provincially so scenarios such as the one SEKID is facing don't happen again.

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