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Both the Farmers Almanac and the similarly purposed The Old Farmer Almanac devote much of their page count to prognosticating precipitation and foretelling temperatures, each claiming to use secret science both venerable and . well, secret, to predict the weather.

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But both Duncan publication and its closest competitor are predicting similar conditions, using their individual formulas based on a blend of mathematical, climatological and astronomical trends.

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tough enough to predict three to seven days out, much less a book that going to stick around for a year, he said.

The Farmers Almanac, for example, now has a mobile website for smartphones and almost 6,000 followers on Twitter. More than 30,000 people the publication Facebook page, and by year end there will be software applications for Kindle, Nook and iPad.

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day deluge in August dropped enough rain 3.53 inches to end up with a monthly total of 3.91 inches, 1.32 inches above normal.

Weather aside, Duncan said that tomes such as the Farmers Almanac, which includes a variety of articles, tips and practical information among its pages, have a place in the modern world.

So how well do almanacs like the Farmers Almanac actually do in predicting the weather? That depends.

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But the manual calls for above normal temperatures across most of the Prada Sunglasses Pink

Although the Big Country languished for long days without rain, especially throughout July, when only trace precipitation fell, a single Prada Denim Bag

But considering that Texas is in its worst drought since the 1950s, one might be hard pressed to describe the recent months as as the Farmers Almanac said it should be.

Sondra Duncan, managing editor of the Farmers Almanac, freely acknowledges that the venerable publication, which has been predicting the weather since 1818, doesn always get it entirely right.

had, in February, the coldest, iciest weather we had, Turner said. had the worst hailstorm we ever had in a long time at the end of April, and two months of the hottest temperatures (July and August) we ever had in Abilene. the coming winter months, the Farmers Almanac predicts, wittily, and punishment for the country as a whole, with some parts getting a particularly frigid winter, others on tap for lots of rain and snow.

Southern and Eastern United States, with a drier than normal winter, closely mirroring other predictions.

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think we were hoping things would be a little more wet, Duncan said. who follow our forecasts say we about 80 to 85 percent accurate, but I like to say that Mother Nature does throw us a curve ball every once in a while. in line were predictions that as June turned into July, the weather would be hotter, with spells of widespread extreme heat, with an unusually large region of much above normal temperatures for southern and eastern states.

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Even a six month look is difficult, he said, considering what happened in six months locally.

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And her publication is finding ways to better integrate itself into current readers lifestyles, she said.

That will move into warmer than normal temperatures Prada Nylon Tote Bag With Leather Trim

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According to the 2011 edition of the Farmers Almanac, Texas summer was supposed to be hot check with average rainfall. Not really. Well, maybe. Sort of. That, too, might get a check, or even a check plus, depending on how forgiving one is willing to be.

local forecasts look to warm

honestly have never even looked at one, said meteorologist Christopher Daniels. not something we use; we use climatology models, things like that. far as the weather service is concerned, Daniels and others are looking for a and warmer than usual winter, he said.

Competitor The Old Farmer Almanac also points toward a milder than normal winter in its pages, with much below normal rainfall.

I think, really do still use us, Duncan said. think they believe in our forecasts and really use them. People plan their vacations according to what we predict, and they also plan outdoor events. chief meteorologist Randy Turner does consult such publications, he said, but said he tends to look more to the Climate Prediction Center, which for the next three months and beyond also predicts above normal temperatures and below average rainfall.

in April and May, with below normal Prada Card Holder Price rainfall in central and southern area, according to that almanac weather data.

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