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That Prada Card Holder Blue moment when he figured that poachers were breaking the law near his Amherst home, coupled with his passion for the outdoors, prompted him to join the New Hampshire Police Cadet Training Academy last year.

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While Aura Arango said she has her father's police blood in her veins, sister Sara was hesitant to attend the academy.

"You need to come in shape; that was my mistake. I thought it was just going to be a summer camp, but I found out it is basically just like the police academy. They don't push you past your limits; they just push you to extend your limits," he said. "If you don't have good self discipline, I wouldn't recommend coming, because you're going to have problems. This is a great academy. I wish I could go for more and that it would transfer to the regular police academy."

The Souhegan High School student returned to the academy held at the Prada Bags Classic

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This was Phillips' third year at the academy and his last chance to participate before enrolling in the actual police academy. The 20 year old attends Southern Georgia University, where he is studying criminal justice, and flew in for the training. The group of 12 other leadership cadets have grown close over the past three years, to the point where they are like Phillips' brothers and sisters, he said.

"It wasn't licensed or anything. I didn't know what to do, so I let it sit there," Dubois said, noting that when he returned, the beaver was gone and the illegal trap was reset. "It had me saying, 'If that guy's poaching next to me and hurting the wildlife around me, what could other people be doing?'"

Like many of the cadets, Taylor Sims, of Milford, heard about the program through his guidance office at high school.

As a veteran of the program, Phillips offered a few words of advice for future cadets.

Last year was his first year at the academy, and he was the No. 1 honor cadet in the basic program, holding the highest academic average of all the new attendees. Sims said that everyone wanted him to return for the advanced class. When he did, he discovered the program teaches a lot more than information about police work.

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Those eligible to attend must be at least 14 years old and phase out after 20. This was the case for Corey Phillips, of Hollis.

Dubois took a closer look at the trap and saw that it didn't have a state Fish and Game tag attached, which meant it was being used illegally.

As for two first year cadets, these Nashua sisters said their hero, their father, is what prompted them to attend the academy. from Columbia when Aura was in first grade.

"The first day, I was terrified. I kept looking back at my father," Sara Arango said, adding that she wanted him to take her home. But it was her father's words of wisdom she remembered that convinced her to tough it out.

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"I love how they push us," she said. "They motivate us. The advisors are really nice once you get to know them."

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New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord this week for his second stint.

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Prada Card Holder Blue

Aura Arango wants to be involved in law enforcement after high school, with this year as her last at Nashua North. She is interested in joining the Drug Enforcement Agency as a way to combat stereotypes of Colombians as drug dealers.

of years ago, Brandon Dubois, of Amherst, came across a beaver with its leg stuck in a trap.

Local teens share experiences at 39th annual NH Police Cadet Training Academy

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Dubois joined 127 of his peers for the six day training by retired Prada Glasses Mens

"We learn life lessons all the time," he said. "We learning how to be a team in everything we do."

Phillips said the knowledge he garnered from the NH Police Cadet Training Academy helped him in a number of his freshmen classes in college. He learned other useful things for a law enforcement career, including how to fold hospital corners when making his bed and how to march.

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and active law enforcement professionals to learn the ins and outs of police work and possible career choices.

Both girls said they believe their father is proud of them and plan to return to the academy next year.

New Hampshire Police Cadet Training Academy is put on every year by the New Hampshire Police Association, New Hampshire Chiefs of Police and the Exploring Division of the Daniel Webster Council. According to academy advisor and Washington Police Chief Steve Marshall, about one third of the academy's staff were once cadets in the program themselves.

"He said, 'If you want to be somebody in life, you have to work at it,'" Sara Arango said. Looking back, she has enjoyed the challenge at the academy.

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The cadets are divided up into three groups: basics, who are all first year attendees; advanced, who are returning students; and leadership, for those who have been avidly involved in the program for a number of years. The cadets, hailing from surrounding New England states, along with one from Nepal, graduated Friday after clocking in numerous hours in the classroom and in the field during the 39th overnight academy.

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Dubois said he always has been interested in this type of work. His father is a police officer, and his grandfather served as a New Hampshire Fish and Game officer. The latter is the route the 16 year old wants to follow after graduating from high school. He credits the academy for solidifying this decision and recalled the trapped beaver experience.

One of the highlights of training is going shooting at the outdoor range at Sig Sauer in Exeter.

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