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Mandravelis was arrested March 26 and charged with armed robbery and criminal liability for conduct of another, both of which are Class A felonies. McCabe was arrested on March 30 and is facing the same charges plus one count of second degree assault, a Class B felony, police said.

Mandravelis was injured badly enough he was listed in serious condition and underwent surgery after being rushed to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, O'Brion said.

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"His Prada Card Holder Pink

Mandrevelis, in the front seat, pulled out a knife and McCabe began choking the man from the back seat. The victim was able to wrestle the knife away from Mandrevelis and stabbed Prada Etiquette Bag Review

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shooting on Rochette Avenue in Nashua. Police say the pair tried to Prada Cahier Wallet rob Danny Vorn, 22, of Lowell, Mass., of multiple pounds of marijuana. Vorn was flown to a Boston hospital by helicopter after being shot in the back of the head, police said.

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Nashua residents Alexandre Amado, 20, and Anthony Farmer, 21, are charged in connection to a Jan. 9 Prada Men Wallet Blue

O'Brion said the men never intended to sell any drugs and had planned to rob the man.

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The attempted robbery and stabbing came about two months after another failed drug robbery that nearly turned deadly in Nashua.

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Litchfield police arrested Johnathan Mandravelis, 24, of Litchfield, and Jeremy McCabe, 27, of Nashua, late last month two weeks after finding Mandravelis collapsed and bleeding on Wood Hawk Way, police said. March 16 and found the 2008 Campbell High School graduate collapsed on Wood Hawk Way near Mallard Drive, suffering from multiple stab wounds, police said.

O'Brion said it's only a little luck that kept the botched robbery from becoming deadly, especially since Mandravelis was able to regain possession of the knife during the altercation.

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story ended up being the most accurate account out of all of them," he said.

him in the arms at least twice before escaping, O'Brion said.

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LITCHFIELD Litchfield police say the man they found bleeding in the middle of a quiet residential street two weeks ago was injured during the region's second botched drug robbery that very nearly turned deadly since the beginning of this year.

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"There was a substantial amount of blood in the car," he said. "This very easily could have turned into a homicide."

Police used video footage from dash mounted cruiser cameras to identify a number of witnesses who had gathered but later dispersed after police and ambulance crews arrived at the spot where Mandravelis eventually collapsed. They also spotted McCabe at the scene, O'Brion said.

The victim contacted police about two hours after the robbery attempt and gave a statement, O'Brion said.

Litchfield police say man found bleeding in road in March was part of drug deal

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Mandrevelis had been stabbed about half a mile away, inside a car at Darrah Pond where he and a 27 year old Nashua man, Jeremy McCabe, had arranged to meet a third man to sell him drugs, Litchfield Police Chief Joseph O'Brion said.

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Amado and Farmer are facing robbery and assault charges punishable by up to 20 years in prison, according to court documents.

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