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"By about 3 o'clock, everybody got their bikes, and we all rode the thing. I was so impressed that the trail, after 15 of us rode it, was in," Forgensi said.

Even without the high alpine riding of Burro and Hazard, UPS provided an invaluable link for riders who started from shuttle vans on the La Sal Loop Prada Bags Nylon Tote

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Recognizing that the trails were purposefully, if illegally, created, the Forest Service allowed that Hazard and UPS provided useful routes. A couple of years ago they re routed Hazard County, which put more pressure on the UPS connection.

the trail done before crews began their spring season. They didn't need that much time. Nearly 20 volunteers showed up, and they finished all the work on March 25.

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Prada Cahier Bag Green

"It's not like it's going to be new trails all over the mountain," he said. "There are some illegal trails that we are going to be signing and enforcing."

Mountain bike advocates were initially hesitant to suggest UPS when Forest Service officials asked Trail Mix for a singletrack wish list about seven years ago. The trail, which approaches Porcupine Rim from above instead of the traditional lower approach, was user created, and the Forest Service didn't want to reward illicit trail building.

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Although the trail gave Forest Service officials headaches, with repeated closures routinely violated by mountain bikers, Forest Service recreation specialist Brian Murdock said they also understood that the route was an economic driver.

Both routes presented challenges. Crews had to pull Hazard County out of the forest and onto open terrain where it wouldn't interfere with elk calving grounds. On UPS, the trail was too close to the rim, where golden eagles were nesting, and it brought too much traffic past sensitive cultural resources.

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Prada Cahier Bag Green

"That's what all the shops Prada Cahier Bag Green and outfitters were telling us," Murdock said.

With this trail, Murdock said he feels the Forest Service is providing appropriate opportunities for mountain biking in the La Sal Mountains.

Road, where the Kokopelli Trail takes off toward Sand Flats Road. The BLM had grudgingly allowed that LPS, despite its user created origins, was a legal route, as it was located on open land, a designation that allows cross country travel. Shuttle companies dropped riders legally at Kokopelli and pointed them toward LPS/Porcupine, but many found UPS along the way.

So Murdock and colleague Max Forgensi set up four trail days in late March and early April to get Belt Bag Prada

"It's all downhill; it's all very UPS like," Van Horn said. "I think it's great that we've gotten the green light. They did a good job of picking a route that is still going to have some flow and be complementary to what the trail is and was. Overall it will be great for Moab."

"I hope people realize we've really tried to provide a world class singletrack experience up there," he said. "We've got a really good trail system now, I think, with Burro all the way down and Moonlight, and other connectors."

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Sparing riders from the climb wasn't the only attraction. UPS also linked indirectly to the Hazard County trail, which provided a route down from Warner Lake for riders coming off of Burro Pass. Below UPS, riders could access the top of the Porcupine Rim Trail from the Lower Porcupine Singletrack, a similar route that is on Bureau of Land Management property.

Prada Cahier Bag Green

However, it wasn't long before the trail, which is just one link in The Whole Enchilada, a route that descends the La Sals from Burro Pass to the Colorado River, demanded attention. Shuttle companies had discovered a new market dropping riders off above Porcupine Rim rather than below, eliminating the four mile climb at the beginning of the usual route. Forest Service officials admonished shuttle drivers not to tell customers about the route, but that didn't stop riders from finding it.

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link will complete

This year's thin snowpack allowed Forest Service officials to get to work early this season. "Last year we'd have been fine getting started by the end of April because it snowed so much, but the snow melted off a lot quicker this year," Forest Service recreation specialist Brian Murdock said. "Our trail crew doesn't come on until the end of April, and we didn't want to wait until then to get it open, with everybody wanting to use it."

Murdock emphasized that this isn't an open invitation to create more new routes on Forest Service property.

That includes one route from the Loop Road to Flat Pass, across Forest Service, BLM, and private land, a technical descent that is popular with local riders but problematic for local land managers.

After just one trail work day, March 25, volunteers completed the Upper Porcupine Singletrack, aka the UPS Trail, at the same time completing a route which national mountain bike magazines are calling one of the best mountain bike trails in the country the Whole Enchilada.

The UPS reroute addresses these issues, and Trail Mix trail coordinator Jeff Van Horn said he's pleased with the result.

The next day, it snowed. While some riders have reportedly accessed the new trail by riding up the Kokopelli Trail from the Sand Flats Road, the traditional access (when the trail was illegal) is from the Kokopelli Trail down from the La Sal Loop Road. When that route is clogged by mud and snow, the trail needs to thaw for ready access. The Whole Enchilada won't be open until closer to summer.

Prada Cahier Bag Green

Prada Cahier Bag Green

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