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Trustee Dana Rzeznik backed the plan.

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Bruce Setlock, whose property line is three feet from the curb of the Spectrum property at North Midlothian Road and Erika Court, had hoped the project would be scaled back.

Halen and Trustee Richard Sustich voted against the project.

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About a third of the development would be designated for residents with Alzheimer's and dementia a service not now offered in Lake Zurich, Peterson said.

However, Spectrum has no plans to move the building farther from property lines, or make it smaller.

Lake Zurich officials have approved an 80 unit assisted living facility for seniors, despite opposition from neighbors.

"Forty six spaces will be plenty," Spectrum Development Team Member Andrew Royster said. "It's a sad number, but we average eight guests (visiting residents) a week."

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living facility in Lake Zurich subdivision

An entrance drive will be moved closer to residents' homes to accommodate the development, according to Spectrum proposal.

"It looks like the whole project is being shoe horned into this piece of property," Poynton said.

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"I really like the building. I think it could work there. I would like to see it in the village," Rzeznik said.

The assisted living home will have the atmosphere of "a boutique hotel," with community rooms, a spa, salon, and theater, Royster said. Its size and design are based on previous models that were built in some of Spectrum's 21 other retirement communities in nine states, Royster said.

Ben Gugliemino, right, voices his concerns about an assisted living facility being built close to his home with Stephen Cross, left, a Northbrook engineer with Spectrum Retirement Communities. (Chicago TribuneAmy Alderman)

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Although the area is zoned for multiple family housing, the board's vote gives Spectrum a special use permit.

An underground water retention and drainage system will replace a retention pond Prada Bags Cost

"I don't think anyone would be happy with a road six feet from your property line," said Trustee Jeff Halen.

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now on the site, said Spectrum's engineer, Stephen Cross, of Cross Engineering of Northbrook.

"You could have a various number of uses that would be similar to what is being presented," Peterson said, adding that apartment complexes, townhouses and duplexes are allowed uses in the multiple family housing zoning code.

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Trustee Tom Poynton and five of his fellow board members raised concerns about the development, even though most of them voted in favor of it.

negative impact to our homes," Setlock said.

"We've adjusted the building as much as we can," Cross said. "We may have a foot or two. We can't pinch that down very much."

Victory Center Supportive Living Facility was proposed in 2008, but the petitioner did not follow through, according to Peterson.

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Concerns were raised at the meeting about drainage, traffic, parking, Prada Cahier Astrology Bag and lighting.

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In a 4 2 vote this week, village trustees approved the Spectrum Retirement Communities proposal by a Denver developer that is planning a two story, 158,000 square foot project on 3.6 acres.

A couple of trustees asked if the 46 parking spaces allotted for the assisted living facility would be enough.

Spectrum representatives said that they have met with neighbors about their concerns, and the company has offered to add more landscaping than previously proposed to screen the property and to reduce the height of light from 15 and 17 feet tall poles.

Previous developers had considered building duplexes and a similar retirement community on the site.

plan commission, according to Director of Development Dan Peterson.

"Once the facility is built, it will permanently have a Prada Handbags Black Leather

The plan meets the village's setback requirements, and was unanimously approved by the Prada Crossbody With Chain

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