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Sterett did caution Vonn that's it's going to be a steady process to return to full strength. This is something she can't rush after tearing her anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments last week during a fall in the super G competition. She also broke a bone in her lower leg.

That's the goal, anyway. And it's looking more promising following the procedure by Dr. Bill Sterett on Sunday to fix Vonn's knee after she shredded two ligaments during a crash last week at the world championships in Schladming, Austria.

"But there are a lot of hurdles you can have between now and then," he said. "Everybody's goals are that. That's what she's got her focus on."

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The swelling around Lindsey Vonn's repaired right knee has gone way down a day after surgery and her spirits way up.

Try possibly back in time for the beginning of the World Cup season in late November.

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"In all honesty, the first few months will be me trying to pull the reins back on Lindsey than having to Prada Bags Singapore push her, in terms of therapy," Sterett said. "But I can't emphasize enough how upbeat she's been through all of this. She's very goal oriented. She's got her sights set on these next two years."

That hardly looked feasible given her serious fall in the super G last Tuesday. The 28 year old Vonn was lifted into the air off a jump in the opening race at the championships. Upon landing, her right leg gave way and she spun down face first, throwing an arm out to protect herself. Vonn ended up on her back as she smashed through a gate.

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Story HighlightsThe doctor who operated on Lindsey Vonn right knee thinks she could return by late NovemberVonn is targeting the World Cup speed races in Alberta for her earliest returnVonn tore two ligaments in his right knee in a crash last week

Lindsey Vonn (USA) competes during the super G during the FIS alpine Cosmetic Pouch Prada

Instead, she fractured the tibial plateau, the result of her thigh bone slamming into the top of her tibia bone.

"It was not displaced enough that it would need surgery," Sterett said.

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Prada Bags Singapore

Prada Bags Singapore

But this is what struck him most: Her determination to attack her recovery like she would a downhill course.

"She's in full charge mode," Sterett told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "She's like, 'When can I start upper body strengthening? When can I start working on my core? When can I spin on a stationary bike with my other leg?'

"I haven't seen a hint of post traumatic depression from her, or her feeling sorry for herself or her sad or asking, 'Why now?' She's all about, 'When can I? When can I? When can I? "'

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Vonn received medical treatment on the snow before being airlifted by helicopter to a hospital.

skiing world championships in Schladming.(Photo: Andreas Pranter, GEPA/USA TODAY Sports)

Back in time for the 2014 Sochi Games?

The doctor who operated on Vonn's injured right knee thinks the four time overall World Cup champion just might return that soon.

well. That's going to necessitate us going a little bit slower right off the bat. Then, we'll play catch up down the line."

be ready in time for the World Cup speed races in Lake Louise, Alberta, in late November or early December, a venue where she's won so often that it's become known as "Lake Lindsey." Vonn also wants to be healthy enough to ski in Beaver Creek in December, when the Birds of Prey course hosts both the men and the women as it prepares for the 2015 world championships.

Sterett examined the knee again Monday and was optimistic about what he saw: Less swelling, increased range of motion and little discomfort.

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"She was actually fairly certain she had shattered her (leg)," said Sterett, who treated her on the mountain and flew back to Vail, Colorado, with her. "That's how she felt."

But it was significant enough that she will need to stay on crutches for the next six weeks. She also will not be allowed to bend her knee too much, just to give the MCL more time to heal.

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Still, Sterett thinks she very well could Prada Handbags Vintage

"Hers was a little bit of an unusual injury. Ski Team and at Vail Summit Orthopaedics. "Hers was complicated by a little bit more of a severe MCL injury that needed surgery as Prada Crossbody Black

´╗┐Lindsey Vonn could return

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