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With enough effort, Dutil said BARCC Prada Bag Limited Edition

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The benefits of microchipping are easy to see, he said, as lost pets from as far away as the southeast have been found in Brownsville thanks to microchips.

That type of grim reminder of the consequences of leaving animals intact is what Dutil is hoping will convince pet owners in Brownsville to consider spaying and neutering their pets, but she and the staff at the clinic understand that for many in the Valley, cost is also an issue.

Through financial support and educating the public about the consequences of feeding stray cats, Dutil said the area's trap, neuter and return programs can help reduce strays.

Supporting those groups, which humanely trap cats with food before sterilizing them and returning them to their habitat, is crucial, she said, as those efforts are proven to reduce the size of feral cat colonies.

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The clinic is also pushing microchipping, which can allow for easy identification of lost pets.

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Culturally, Dutil said dogs are viewed in other areas in the country as family members, while many Prada Pouch

In South Texas, those statistics are nearly the inverse, as 80 to 90 percent of all animals in shelters in the region are euthanized, many within three days after entering the facility.

Brownsville Health Director Arturo Rodriguez is putting together an ordinance based on practices at other cities that could make the chips mandatory, while possibly integrating the city's tag system as well.

There is even one instance when a serviceman's pet was found while he was deployed, thanks to the microchip.

A Prada Bags Pic microchip, roughly the size of a long grain of rice, is surgically inserted between the shoulder blades of cats and dogs. A scanner can detect the chip, access the pet's identification number and immediately allow Prada Nylon Bag Men

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any animal control officer to contact an owner.

"Many don't believe in neutering," she said. cities lead to litters of puppies that balloon the pet population.

Dutil has her eyes on improving those stats at the Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center and with help from the city, the community and some grants is deploying a systemic approach to combat Brownsville's problems with animal overpopulation.

Without that technology, his pet could have been euthanized.

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"I think it's a win win for everyone," Rodriguez said, explaining that the faster BARCC can get pets out of the shelter, the more space is made for strays looking for a home.

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Her last shelter hasn't euthanized an animal due to a lack of space since 2009, she said.

"We're trying to see how other cities have approached that aspect of it," he said.

A single unwanted litter from an unspayed female cat can result in hundreds or potentially thousands of new cats within only years, Dutil said, meaning an exponential growth of kittens, many of which will end up at the shelter, where only a small percentage find homes.

"We want people to feel the incentive," she said.

Local clinic aims to combat overpopulation

Cats, with their high reproductive capabilities and ability to reproduce at as early as 6 months old, are a special concern when not sterilized.

The cultural differences between South Texas and other areas in the country has, in the past, contributed as much to the city's pet problems as the lack of education for pet owners and the costs associated with sterilization, she said.

could be a "no kill shelter" where animals are only euthanized due to aggression or medical complications within a decade.

households in the Valley keep those pets as guard dogs. That difference in roles the animals play in the family dynamic presents unique challenges for BSN and other veterinarians as they seek to sterilize pets to prevent flooding the area shelters.

But the most common refrain in animal control "Have your pet spayed or neutered," somehow resonates differently in the Valley, Dutil said.

"We would like to work with these groups," she said, noting that getting free sterilization for feral cats is another fundraising goal.

Equipped with a degree in animal science and a master's in nonprofit management, the new director of marketing at the Brownsville Spay/Neuter Clinic is working to implement some of the best practices she oversaw at two shelters in Vermont in an effort to help cities in the Valley better control the pet population.

But it's not just owned pets that need to be sterilized to reach that goal, she said, as strays, especially cats, should be neutered as part of a trap, neuter and return program that already exists in Rancho Viejo and near the University of Texas at Brownsville.

That's why she's working to attract donations and grants to help reduce the cost of spay and neuter packages from $96 to $26 for pets younger than 6 months.

Feeding strays can deter the cats, which can thrive on their own in most cases, from being caught in the traps.

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