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Local leaders reaffirm their support for the Watervliet Arsenal

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"Like the canal, the Arsenal has a storied history and has a brighter future still," said Stratton. He said that construction on the original Erie Canal began in 1817, a few years after the Arsenal's inception, and was built to the west of Building 40. The Arsenal utilized water from the canal to generate power.

Migaleddi, who will pass command of the facility to a successor in mid July, Prada Eyeglasses Pr 16tv

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The $1.6 billion generated by the Arsenal, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy stated, "has a real effect" on the region and the country.

Mayors Mike Manning of Watervliet, Gerald Jennings of Albany, Gary McCarthy of Schenectady, and Lou Rosamilia of Troy, joined Uncle Sam (Fred Polsnich), State Canal Corporation Executive Director Brian Stratton, and officials from the Arsenal, New York Army Prada Bags On Sale National Guard, and Albany Stratton VA Medical Center in the Watervliet Arsenal's historic Building 110 Tuesday morning for a Covenant Signing ceremony to mark the facility's 200th anniversary of supporting military personnel. The Object in foreground is a Bunker Buster bomb. Developed at the Watervliet Arsenal, this particular bomb was instrumental in defeating Saddam Hussein. (Mike McMahon / The Record)

battles of the Bulge, Gettysburg, and San Juan Hill.

"This gives me more inspiration for my job. It's nice to hear that what we're doing is making a difference," said Manny Philips of Greene County, an expediter at the 142 acre site.

Snyder said that before the 2008 initial covenant signing, the Arsenal had not held a public event in 17 years. "People thought we were closed and that no one was here," he said.

The officials all signed a covenant with many of them also making their own proclamations.

Others who attended included representatives from both the National Guard and local VA Hospital, the Arsenal's Col. Mark F. Migaleddi, and Prada Black Bag Red Interior

said he recently attended an event in Rensselaer County where people called the facility "our Arsenal," he said. His remarks about that and acknowledging former Congressman Mike McNulty resulted in a standing ovation from the crowd.

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WATERVLIET Building 110, the historic and large gun shop, was the ideal location for an event recognizing the 200th anniversary of the Watervliet Arsenal, said John Snyder, who emceed the event on Tuesday.

The Watervliet Arsenal, the nation's oldest manufacturing arsenal, builds cannons and other equipment to support military men and women.

Elected officials participating in the event included Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, Watervliet Mayor Mike Manning, Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia, and Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy. The ceremony, officials said, is designed to foster and sustain the community's support of the Arsenal.

Rosamilia said there has always been a good partnership between the Arsenal and Troy, especially since many of the original manufacturers were from Troy. He said he learned that some people used to walk across the frozen Hudson River from Troy to get to work at the Arsenal.

On Tuesday, several area leaders participated in a Covenant Signing ceremony observed by about 350 people. Such a ceremony has been a regular tradition in the Capital District since the first signing in 2008 in Albany. The covenant signing was not initially planned to mark the bicentennial of the site but, due to fiscal uncertainty in the national defense budget, the Arsenal was unable to hold several activities to celebrate the 200 years, said Snyder.

"We cut back on all of the activities except this one. This one is too important," said Snyder, noting that equipment made in the Arsenal has been used in notable battles including the Prada Crossbody Men

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the state Canal Corporation's executive director Brian Stratton, who gave a history of the Erie Canal which was built from Albany through the Arsenal.

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