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Then, from out of nowhere it hit me. Starting this week, the deadline for filing it was changed from Thursdays to Wednesday night! Why didn't I remember that earlier? Ohh boy, just what I needed, a bunch of crappie staring at me and a quick article to scratch up in a hurry.

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I've heard lack of sleep is bad for the memory. Hmmm, did I finish cleaning those crappie or are there still some in the sink? I'm sure Sandra will let me know in the morning. Goodnight!.

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As always, practice conservation; take some for the table but also put some back Prada Nylon Bag

My last Tip for this week is key: if you are heading to Lake Scugog for any type of fishing, give Scott a call at 705 786 0912.

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thought we were insane, but with the size of the fish we were onto, nobody needs to keep a limit and that's something very important for the future of our fishing.

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Line clarity and diameter can make a big differ

Another trick we used? We were fishing very shallow water so we went with placing our floats only about eight inches above our tubes baits.

McGary has fished with tons of people over the years and was even a fishing guide himself for several years, and he was quite impressed with with our catch today, as was I.

Bob and I both took a few fish home to eat (fewer than 20, which is at least two good meals for each of our households due to the size of the crappie), and all the others were released, to be caught again.

My Terry's Tip for this week? Actually, there are a couple, at least.

to ensure we get to keep fishing for years to come.

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After all, this was my first time fishing Scugog this season and my first time ever fishing with Scott, who lives and guides there. Sure, we had to move around the tiny bay a bit as the fish moved here and there, but Scott knows his water and kept us quite busy the whole time we were there.

Even though Scott knows Lake Scugog inside out, he started the day using just a little heavier line than I did, as did Bob.

Wednesday, cleaning a mess of crappie when it suddenly dawned on me I hadn't written my Terry's Tips column for this week.

Muskie, walleye, crappie and bass he chases them all, but right now he's onto the crappie big time and, best of all, the really big ones have yet to move in shallow. The best is yet to come for catching these tasty treats and if we get warm, stable weather in the next few days they'll be on fire.

Then, their action picked up immensley. Just that subtle difference in line clarity and diameter made a whole lot of difference. Some days the fish are just that finicky, and today was definately one of them.

on into the night.

As I always say, crappie have to look up to feed and today was just more evidence of that. Just for Prada Wallet On Chain Price

There you go, a little late night advice to put you on the water for some hot fishing with a guy who will have you not just fishing, but catching, too.

fun and to experiment a bit, we sometimes changed our line depths deeper, and sure enough, even a two inch increment was enough to make the fish turn off. Again, a subtle difference made the difference in catching or just fishing.

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Prada Bags 2017 Prices

"Might as well finish the fish first," I cussed as I realized I wasn't going to be eating a late night dinner of fresh crappie, and also knowing I would have Prada Bags 2017 Prices to settle for a quick snack to munch on later as I typed Prada Crossbody With Chain

By the looks on the faces of the few other anglers who were near us and saw us throwing some beauties back, they must have

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I went with four pound test strength and caught more fish than they did until they tied about a three foot lenght of very light pound test Sufix fluorocarbon onto their main lines.

Yep, Scottie boy might not know it yet, but he's going to have company in his boat next week for sure.

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How many fish did we get? I honestly don't know. We lost track soon after getting there, but I know I quit counting them after I landed my first 30 or so and they just kept coming. Truth be known, we missed several, too, as we had to deal with fairly blustery winds which caused our lines to be quite slack at times and resulted in us being too late in setting the hook to drive it home.

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Prada Bags 2017 Prices

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