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Prada Bags 2016 Collection

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

Councillor Gibbons is expected to become Lord Mayor of Bradford shortly.

Council Leader Keith Wakefield (Labour) was re elected to his Kippax and Methley seat with 2,868 votes.

In the Craven ward, where two seats were being contested, following Hottest Prada Luggage & Travel

for Otley

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

The voting means that Labour secured control of Bradford Council with an overall majority, now holding a total of 46 seats, the exact number required for a majority.

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

Adel and Wharfedale had the highest turnout in Leeds with 43.75 per cent voting closely followed by Otley and Yeadon where the turnout was 43.65. The worst turnout in Leeds was City and Hunslet where a mere 22.84 per cent cast their votes.

The Conservative Party also retook a seat in the Wharfedale ward, previously held by Chris Greaves. Councillor Greaves, a former Conservative who went independent, did not re stand for election.

In Adel and Wharfedale Billy Flynn held the seat for the Conservatives with 3018 votes against the 1312 of his nearest rival Labour's Mark Henley. Mr Flynn was fighting the election in place of long standing councillor Clive Fox, who died in April.

The Conservatives also held onto power in Guiseley and Rawdon where Coun Pat Latty was re elected with 2811 votes. Labour's David Bowe gained 1871, and UKIP's Roger Tattersall took 1444.

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Local election results for Leeds and Bradford councils including wards Prada Cahier Bag

The Conservative candidate received a total of 2,705 votes, more than 1,000 votes ahead of Labour candidate, Sandy Macpherson, who gained a total of 1,303.

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

the death of Councillor Michael Kelly earlier this year, just 12 votes separated the two winning candidates.

Labour's Niccola Swan received 737 votes, Green Party candidate Janet Souyave received 393 and Liberal Prada Bags 2016 Collection Democrat Paul Treadwell received 229.

Conservative, Andrew Mallinson, was returned to his seat with 1,864 votes, while independent candidate, Mayor of Silsden, Chris Atkinson, almost equalled him with 1,852 votes.

Coun Downes polled 2916 votes in Otley and Yeadon, where Carl Jones for the Labour party took 1916, and Tom Hollings took 1306 for UKIP.

Addingham Parish Council chairman, Catherine Coates, who stood as an independent candidate, was third, with 1,478 votes, while the second Conservative candidate, Andrew Rowley, was fourth with 1,091 votes.

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

The Overall political composition in Leeds is now Labour, 63 seats (no change); Conservative , 18 seats (no change); Lib Dem, 9 seats (down from 10); Morley Borough Independents, 5 seats (no change); Green, 3 seats Prada Backpack Vintage

(up from 2); Independent, 1 seat (no change).

Green Party candidate Brian Ford had 508 votes, Liberal Democrat Peter Ferguson took 359, and there were 348 votes for UKIP's Paul Latham. There was a turnout of 37 per cent.

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Liberal Democrats Brian Cleasby and Ryk Downes were both re elected to their wards. Coun Cleasby won 2037 votes in Horsforth, with Conservative Richard O'Callaghan gaining second place with 1880, and Labour's Rob Wilkinson gaining 1644.

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

Conservative candidate Gerald Barker won with 1,737 votes, although independent candidate and Menston Action Group campaigner, Steve Ellams, also gained strong support, polling 1,017 votes.

Turnout in the Wharfedale ward, which takes in Burley in Wharfedale and Menston, was 44 per cent.

Meanwhile, Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford and former Ilkley Parish Council chairman, Mike Gibbons, won more than 50 per vote of the vote to be returned to his Ilkley ward seat on Bradford Council.

Prada Bags 2016 Collection

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