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Several of her neighbors say they haven't seen a plan either, even though they feel Prada Travel Bag

Ruben Washington has lived in the neighborhood a few blocks from the refineries for decades.

CORPUS CHRISTI Jean Salone lives in a modest home in the Hillcrest neighborhood. An iron cross hangs prominently on the front the house Prada Bag Vintage

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Lucille Daniels also lives nearby. She explained that she's heard several explosions in the years that she's lived in Hillcrest.

that sits in the corner of a grassy lot.

Contact information for employees was out of date, and meetings hadn't been posted since January 2013.

As of May 27, the LEPC's website had not Prada Ipad

been updated in more than a year.

Daniels remembers at least one explosion that was so strong that it shattered her windows; but said that she doesn't find out what went wrong until the next day.

"What (is the LEPC) doing," Salone asked. "Are they just advertising? That's the way I feel."

They said they passed out pamphlets to residents, but no one we spoke to heard or saw a thing about it.

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In fact, the LEPC to many in Hillcrest is just four meaningless letters.

they depend on it most.

Salone says that accidents like that one are always on the back of her mind.

He had never heard of the LEPC before.

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When asked what they were doing to help people living in Hillcrest, LEPC representatives explained that they did a neighborhood sweep there two years ago.

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Several of the LEPC's advertising campaigns point the public to their website as a means to get more information.

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6 Investigates: Local Emergency Planning Committee

Salone is critical of the LEPC; she feels that they're not doing enough to inform the people in Hillcrest.

Salone is not the only one Prada Bag With Sling who says they've never seen an emergency plan.

Accidents have happened near Jean's home before. A large fire at CITGO in 2009 reportedly led to the release of large quantities of hydrofluoric acid, a caustic chemical that could be fatal.

The city's Local Emergency Planning Committee or LEPC is mandated by federal law to plan for these kind of incidents and to teach and inform the public about those plans.

"Our website is not operable right now," said LEPC Coordinator Joanne Salge. "Well it is operable, but it's very slow."

But by their own admission, it doesn't work as it should.

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Instead of relying on the city for help, Salone prays. "If we didn't know god, we would always be shaking."

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But Salone doesn't trust the LEPC to inform her of an accident when it happens. She explained that she'd never even seen an evacuation plan for Hillcrest.

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