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Prada Bag Price

Prada Bag Price

Prada Bag Price

wine based, so we don't sell the hard liquor Prada Bag Price here," Sonia Silva, Co Owner of Cool Sips says.

CORPUS CHRISTI "On the jello shots do you want them Prada Bag Black

Prada Bag Price

By TABC law they are not allowed to carry liquor like Patron.

Prada Bag Price

Burden says these drinks on the menu like a Long Island Ice Tea, Tequila Sunrise and even a Hurricane contain alcohol, but not the hard stuff.

Prada Bag Price

Prada Bag Price

This combination is what has their lines wrapped around the building with customers like Jason Suthern, who bought a cocktail and something for the kids.

Prada Bag Price

So eventhough it may say Rum or Tequila on the menu, the true ingredient to their drink is wine no stronger than 17% that contains Vodka, Tequila, or Rum flavor.

Prada Bag Price

"It's not all about the alcohol, we have snow cones as well, smoothies, shakes, food, everybody comes for a little bit of everything," Silva says.

But this drive thru bar and grill is not just for the grown folks, co owner Sonia Silva says they wanted it to be a family affair.

Local Restaurant Offers Alcoholic Drinks Prada Backpack Sale

"We sell our alcohol in closed containers, and once they leave we are hoping that they are going to be responsible and wait until they get home," Michelle Burden, Co Owner of Cool Sips explains.

He says buying mixed drinks and food is perfectly safe.

"It's the same thing if someone goes into a convenience store and buys a beer and drives out with it, it is all about being responsible in the end," Suthern says.

"They got their snow cones and pickadillys and all that good stuff, so they have everything here for the family plus food. So it is good to have some good familiy fun at the same time," Suthern says.

"Our alcohol is Prada Bag Nylon


Prada Bag Price

Prada Bag Price

mixed orrrrr."a Cool Sips worker asks.

At Cool Sips, you can get drinks through a drive thru. Something co owner Michelle Burden says is not against the law.

Prada Bag Price

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