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Wright's first book, Amare, has arrived after a 10 year gestation period. Its debut is this Friday, Oct. 16 at 7:30 p. m., at Meet at 66 King East in downtown Cobourg.

Local author achieves and shares her dream

"What a learning curve," she said, shaking her streaked blonde hair, a bright smile turning into a deep, self deprecating laugh.

Join her in Amare as she falls in love with Italy. Gracefully, you will be taken along to see its beauty, history and culture. Wright brings the churches, the statues, the mountains and the cafs of small town Italy to life. She shares, with lovely gentle humour, insights even into the unsavoury, including being Prada Bag Vintage

Prada Bag Navy

Prada Bag Navy

"I would need to be the major promoter of Amare and create the word of mouth excitement myself. I thought I'd covered everything costs, assessments, editing, cover design, book store sales and Internet distribution. Income from anything short of a national bestseller is shockingly low. But, for me this book was never about making a fortune. It was the fulfillment of my passion for the story. It is the book through which our children will know their Italian heritage and their parents' special love story."

Wright discovered there were very few Canadian publishers of travel/memoir books. Of those, none was in need of a new project. Fortunately, self publishing offered intriguing choices for her. She studied the options, carefully selected a company and signed the contract.

Prada Bag Navy

Prada Bag Navy

Teachers qualified in English as a Second Language were in short supply in Europe. Determined to earn a living en route, Wright enrolled in a course, passed and started packing. She left home with her plan: travel to England, France, Italy and other intriguing places, eventually ending up in Australia where she had a work permit for one year.

Providence had a different plan, though. Wright became deeply entrenched in a true Italian love story.

as she reads parts of the magical stories within the story.

When Wright returned to Canada and settled in Northumberland with her new husband, she was determined to make her book happen. The startup of their new business, raising a family, teaching and the other aspects of life could have deterred her. Instead, she became an expert juggler and carver. Researching suitable publishers, Prada Tote Bag Nylon

Even as Prada Bag Navy a young girl, Wright always wanted and needed to write. Early in life, she began jotting ideas, phrases and short stories on any paper pieces available. She envisioned a career in travel writing, one of the more difficult realms from which to earn a living. Journalism at Ryerson and travel writing at George Brown College rounded out her academic education in the craft. But practical experience could only be had by leaping out into the world to experience places she longed to write about.

Prada Bag Navy

"It takes so much more than a passion for writing well. Ten years for me. The hundreds of hours to turn illegible notes into paragraphs and hundreds more to make memories into chapters are hard to carve out of an average busy life. But carve you must. The commitment is huge."

Wright speaks of the process of getting her dream to market.

Prada Bag Navy

Prada Bag Navy

Join the delightful Wright Friday at 7:30 p. m., at Meet at 66 King Street East in Cobourg. Close your eyes and see Prada Bags Original

The book is a scribe's ultimate fantasy. Sheila Wright, of Warkworth, is holding her dream.

writing stellar query letters and breathtaking proposals are just the start.

accosted by Italian men and a sleazy employer, and her official eviction from Italy. You'll feel the mist, the sun and the Amalficoast breeze on your skin. And you will share in the one thing that was not on her plan: falling in love. Deeply, passionately and romantically in love.

Prada Bag Navy

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