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"My daughter Anna, who's 12, got the same thing, fever and chills. So I brought her up here to be tested and they said well, she's got the flu. You don't," Nancy said re living the moment she found out something was wrong.

"I didn't put her name on it because it cheers up a lot of people," Glenn told NewsChannel 7.

they did that and I thought that was really cool and it made my day."

On January 25th, Nancy was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, she's been a fixture on the oncology floor at Ministry St. Joseph's in Marshfield where she's currently receiving chemotherapy treatments. So has her husband Glenn, who has barely left her side since the diagnosis.

With at least one more series of chemo on the agenda and the snow not looking like it's Prada Handbags Black And White

"Well you can't have flowers or anything else up here, and he's got to work and the kids can't come up much so it means a lot," Nancy said getting choked up.

"He was up here everyday the whole first eight days," Steder said.

Local Cancer Patient Receives Special Message From Husband

While many of us are sick of the snow, that's not the case for one local couple who's using the white stuff to help them through some hard times.

going to let up anytime soon, patients and staff alike are anxiously waiting to see what Glenn comes up with next.

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Prada Bag Grey

Nancy Steder thought she had the flu.

Nancy added, "When I was up here the Prada Bag Leather Types

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Prada Bag Grey

Prada Bag Grey

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first time, there was somebody that put 'Hi Mom' and Prada Wallet Purse

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This week's message was simple yet heartwarming reading, "I love you. Get well soon." This is not the first time Glenn's surprised his wife like this. The first message appeared during Nancy's second round of chemo.

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But thanks to Glenn's busy work schedule, the couple's four kids and complications due to Nancy's chemotherapy, Glenn hasn't always been able to visit his wife the way he would like to. Now he's found a creative and artistic way around that by stomping messages of love into the snow just outside Nancy's eighth floor hospital room.

"He did a border on the Prada Bag Grey outside of it to make it look like a card and he put I heart you on it," Nancy described.

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